Friday, January 29, 2016

EXTRA: No school strike? A miracle!

So what should we think of the possibility that the Chicago Public Schools has actually reached an agreement with its teachers’ union toward a new contract.
EMANUEL: One less headache
Thereby avoiding the image of striking school teachers further blotting the public image of Mayor Rahm Emanuel – who already has endured one teachers’ strike during his mayoral stint and surely would like to avoid another.

IT HAS BEEN for so long that Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union have been enemies, doing whatever they could to undercut each other. So much so that it was the teachers’ union that was the reason Jesus Garcia was able to run a serious campaign against Emanuel last year for mayor.

But this week, the teachers union said they received a “serious offer” from the Chicago schools. They’re not saying what it is. But say it will be contemplated by the union’s Big Bargaining Team on Monday, and could soon get a recommendation to the union as a whole to support.

An actual contract in place, instead of the teachers’ strike that too many people had presumed was inevitable.

In terms of specifics, the union would only say they would have to make financial concessions in exchange for protections of education quality and job security. Which shows that the union can spew political gobbledygook as well as any politician.

BUT THE CHICAGO Public Schools says significant concessions are being made by both sides. Which if accepted would ensure the current school year does not get interrupted – which would be a massive headache for parents.

And you don’t mess with those parents. It is the reason why the one part of the state government budget for Fiscal 2016 that Gov. Bruce Rauner did sign into law was the part for public education.

He knows how deep in doggie doo he’d be right now if he had school parents peeved at him along with everybody else.

And if there really is a contract, then it is one less headache for Emanuel to have to cope with – no matter how intense the headache caused by his police department’s behavior may be.


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