Wednesday, January 13, 2016

EXTRA: Cupid’s coming!

I have to confess. I found a place that had already taken down its Christmas decorations.

And promptly replaced them with all kinds of hearts and Cupids getting ready to shoot us with feelings of love and joy.

WE’RE JUST ABOUT one month from Valentine’s Day, and that is the theme for a White Castle franchise that I set foot in, seeing all the red and pink hanging from the ceiling to put me in the mood for romance, I suppose.

Personally, that much use of paper makes me wonder how long it will take to deteriorate in a landfill someday.

But the fact that it was Cupid and not Santa Claus looking down on me did give me a feeling of joy for a few seconds that wasn’t connected to the taste of one of those famed White Castle burgers.

Besides, even I’m not so much of a grouch to want to take off on Valentine’s Day, which will come and go in due course so we can pull out all the green and pretend we’re all Irish come March and St. Patrick’s Day.


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