Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We, the people, include some incredibly miserable cusses amongst our ranks

Why is it that I refuse to believe the eventual legal case against the police officer now facing criminal charges for the shooting death (that’s putting it mildly) of teenager Laquan McDonald is going to be an easily won case for the prosecution?

EMANUEL: May get some backers
Perhaps it is because of Donald Trump.

NOT TRUMP EXACTLY. But the fact that there are people out there who take the pompous, wealthy nit-wit seriously whenever he opens his mouth – no matter how blatantly ridiculous his pronouncements are.

Take his latest rant – the claim that the United States ought to impose an outright ban on entry to this country of anyone who is of a Muslim religious faith.

No matter about context or degree or purpose or background. Just slam the door shut on all of ‘em.

Then perhaps the country could get back to focusing its attention on how to kick out all the “Mexicans” who are now in the United States. Let’s not forget the Trump presidential aspirations originally focused its ire on Mexico – at least until Trump figured out he could gain more politically by getting the ideologues of our society all worked up against the Middle East.

THERE ARE PLENTY of political people, including many of the Republican persuasion, who are embarrassed by Trump. Personally, I think he’s just too stupid to pay much attention to.

But there are those people who wish to live as though we’re still in 1953 – prior to Brown v. Board of Ed, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., or any of that allegedly rabble-rousing stuff that killed off the image they had of the United States as a place for white people to prevail.

A place where the police were upholding their sworn duty to protect the people when they resorted to physical force in order to subdue certain “other” elements of our society.

TRUMP: HIs 'people' may quietly back Rahm
Which, in a sense, is what I suspect Jason Van Dyke and other police officers thought was happening when McDonald was shot 16 times because officers thought the 3-inch blade clutched in his hand made him a deadly threat.

THEY LITERALLY DID take his weapon from his cold, dead hands (just like actor Charlton Heston said when waving that musket around at a National Rifle Association rally).

The same kind of people who think Trump would make a credible presidential candidate probably also think that too much is being made of police conduct in Chicago. Whether they think the police deserve the benefit of the doubt or that McDonald deserved it, they’ll back him to the end.

Is RIE destined to become LBJ?
And while there are those who are of the exact opposite stance, let’s not forget the mass in the middle – the people who will have to be swayed and, by their very nature, are apathetic. They’d prefer to sit back and do nothing.

Which if they do so, winds up making the loudmouthed ideologue segment of our society the majority – an outcome that takes place all too often.

OF COURSE, THERE is the drawback – it puts Rahm Emamuel in the same class of character as Donald Trump. They both become blowhards who do not deserve credibility but our scorn.

And although Emanuel was already scorned by some in Chicago, this could only spread the amount of ridicule he receives because some people amongst us are determined to make sure Rahm is never able to escape the taint of letting his police run amok – even though the attitudes amongst our cops predate him by so much.

BYRNE: Looking more rational every day
It could wind up being a long three years between now and the next municipal elections in 2019 – and we may wind up getting an Emanuel who makes the mayoral equivalent of Lyndon Johnson’s 1968 campaign statement that he, “shall not seek and … will not accept the nomination of my (political) party as your president.”

And we may have to stop thinking of the mayoral term of Jane Byrne as the screwy time period in recent Chicago history.


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