Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Governor, Ill. House speaker should drop to knees and praise Rahm for detracting negative attention

Rahm Emanuel may have his share of outspoken enemies determined to take him down, and that is all the more reason why Bruce Rauner and Michael Madigan ought to drop to their knees and kiss the ground he walks upon.

EMANUEL: Number 26, says GQ
Almost as though Rahm were “his holiness” himself – the pope.

FOR EVERY BIT of attention paid to Rahm Emanuel these days by people determined to spin his story into the ultimate master-minded criminal conspirator, that’s one bit less time spent contemplating the fact that we’re nearly halfway through Illinois Fiscal ’16 without a budget.

And that some people are seriously having their livelihoods threatened because of the inability of certain state agencies and programs (the ones that don’t have the clout of a federal judge insisting they remain operational) to continue without impediment.

Yes, eventually we’re going to get the tale of someone who died because of the lack of state services that they relied upon to remain alive. The sheer stupidity of it (it may already have happened, yet we just don’t know about it yet) is amazing.

So I don’t want to hear that the Rauner/Madigan dispute is purely political while Emanuel’s alleged inaction nearly covered up a police killing.

NOT THAT I’M trying to defend anyone It’s just awesome this era we’re in during which we really despise our elected officials whom we picked o the last Election days.

Who do we hate more – Rauner or Emanuel? Or is the eternal despising of Michael Madigan by everyone who doesn’t actually live in his Southwest Side legislative district overcome all of them?

RAUNER: Is he falling into background?
The simple answer to those questions is that we hate Emanuel more. Because he’s “da Mare,” the head of city government, which is the only one that really matters (to the quintessential Chicago mindset).

The state and its officials are supposed to be subservient and go along with what they’re told to do. So naturally any hostility toward Emanuel (particularly by those who have never been able to defeat him at the ballot box) is more intense!

I DON’T SEE GQ magazine declaring any of our state officials amongst the worst people in our society of 2015 (Rahm ranks number 26, higher than football player Johnny Manziel but not nearly as bad as Kim Davis or Bill Cosby).

MADIGAN: Overshadowed?!?
Although I can’t help but think all of this will wither away into a generic sense of loathing that will linger, although we won’t be able to remember any of the details (“Gee, why do we ‘hate’ Rahm?,” we’ll wonder to ourselves a few months from now).

It’s our short attention span – it makes it tough for anything to linger. Heck, many of us probably can’t remember the details of why we’re upset with either Madigan and/or Rauner – only that they must have done something wrong because they’re elected officials.

Which usually is a good rule of thumb for us to follow, regardless of who the official is or what political party they’re allied with!

OF COURSE, THERE also is the fact that our mayor has a wonderfully-timed sense of vacation. He’s in Cuba with the wife and kids on what his staff insists is an educational sojourn – he’s not just enjoying the Cuban beaches and cigars (he probably doesn’t care about Cubano beisbol, getting his fill of it on the rare occasions he sees the White Sox play ball).

With all the government rigamarole involved, a trip to Cuba has to be plotted out well in advance. No one, not even a former White House chief of staff, can just catch a flight out of O’Hare International (or Midway, if they’re looking to be cheap) straight to Jose Marti Airport in Havana.

The sarcastic side of me wonders if Rahm Emanuel is considering going into exile now that he’s in Cuba – just like all those revolutionaries of the early 1970s who fled the U.S. to escape the hostile environment that existed in this country toward their activities.

Although it wouldn’t shock me to learn that with the worldwide spread of this story, that even in Havana there are those who’d want to run Rahm out of town for his inactivity!


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