Friday, December 25, 2015

Hope you have (or had) a happy holiday

This year, more than ever, I feel compelled to take my annual holiday advice and ditch this stinkin’ computer of mine to go enjoy the world out beyond the Internet.

In fact, I worry about anybody who’s actually reading this notice on Friday (and if, by chance, you’re stumbling onto it a couple of years from now, you didn’t miss a thing).

FOR THIS OUGHT to be a day in which we log off any electronic devices that we have made too prominent a place in our lives for. Go out into the real world and do something on this glorious Christmas Day. You aren’t missing a thing if you decide that anything on the Internet you’d be reading today can easily wait until Saturday (or next week, or month, most likely).

An analog world had its share of beauties, and we ought to try to enjoy them more often. Or for those of you who are Jewish, that you enjoyed them a couple of weeks ago during Hanukkah – a holiday that has its own charms and not at all like Jon Lovitz' "Hanukkah Harry" character on Saturday Night Live.

As for enjoyment, this is a particularly unusual holiday season – the first holiday season I have had in 46 years without my younger brother. Although my loss there has had the effect of bringing me closer to my father – and its most likely the two of us will wind up spending time together on Friday.

So before you log off your computer or whatever device you’re using to read this, let me be Venus Flytrap playing a sweet little holiday ditty to all the Jennifer Marlowes of the world. And yes, you get bonus points from me if you have a clue what it is I’m referring to.


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