Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Some good and bad, no matter what your viewpoint. But Rahm’s still here

Excuse me for not buying into the idea that we’re going to get an overhaul of the Chicago Police Department that would give us officers who are truly sympathetic and understanding of those less-privileged in society.

I could easily envision a scenario in which all the criticism being piled on the cops these days winds up irritating that often-vocal segment of the ideologues of our society into wanting to crack down on what they perceive as “troublemakers.”

WHEN IT COMES to Laquan McDonald, I actually think the emphasis by activist types ought to be on monitoring the legal process to ensure no corners get cut, instead of worrying about how one can use the boy’s death by shooting at the hands of police to pressure Rahm Emanuel out of office.

Because there is no such thing as a “sure thing” when it comes to a criminal case. What happens if the Chicago police officer now facing charges for McDonald’s death winds up being acquitted?

That video tape we’ve all seen over and over (and which will continue to be seen forevermore so long as there’s public access to the Internet) is not something that show us definitively McDonald being shot by a specific police officer.

I have no doubt that clever prosecutors could turn its vagueness into an issue, and convince a certain type of jury that no real crime was committed.

THAT POINT WAS hammered into my head again Monday when State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said there would be no charges filed against another Chicago police officer for the death of Ronald Johnson.

Laquan not as much like Johnson ...
He was a young man also killed by a Chicago cop, and video recorded by a police dashboard camera was released of his fatal moments recently. His family was hoping to piggy-back off the resentment of the police caused by McDonald’s death so as to bolster a case against Ronald’s killer.

But unlike Jason Van Dyke who now is charged with murder for McDonald’s death, officer George Hernandez was found to have cause to use deadly force – even though there are those who would view the incidents as virtually identical, and one group Color of Change says the Johnson announcement was merely a ploy to shift attention away from the death of Laquan.

I’m sure that all the people who felt glee late Sunday upon learning that the Justice Department will do a thorough review of the Chicago Police Department and its procedures are thoroughly repulsed at the thought of Hernandez not also facing criminal charges.

... as some activists want to believe
NOW I DON’T doubt there is hostility and mistrust against the Chicago Police Department (and law enforcement in general), and for some very legitimate reasons. I have always felt there are some people within law enforcement who probably should never have been issued the legal authority that comes with a badge.

But I also wonder if that hostility is going to wind up riling up, so to speak, those conservative ideologues of our society who have no problem with police having such powers – and using them on certain people whom they view negatively.

At what point do we get the counter-demonstrations to the current round of protesters – the ones who scream so loudly and want us all to believe that Emanuel is doomed and bound to face criminal prosecution himself for what has happened with the police.
Note Justice 'probe' tops Obama statement
Although if we’re to be honest about this, Emanuel hasn’t done a thing to create this attitude our law enforcement officials have. It has been in place for generations prior to now.

HECK, IT MAY well be an essential part of the character of Chicago. Which means things could become a lot more ugly than they already are before we – if ever – move forward toward a society accepting of each other.

Which is why I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight last week of one of those smarty-pants activist types who prior to a government hearing insisted on showing us his ignorance by claiming too much has already happened for Emanuel to survive.

I still think it is a long time to an Election Day, and most of those who are screaming the loudest now are merely the sore losers who couldn’t beat him back in February or April.

And while the latest actions may turn up their volume in anti-Rahm rants, we may still have a silent segment of society either apathetic, or confused, enough to want to hold back.


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