Saturday, November 14, 2015

When will Hillary finally bust through Dem mass to make herself THE one?

Whenever I think about the possibility of Bill Clinton someday becoming the nation’s first First Gentleman, I can’t help but remember a supermarket tabloid from about two decades ago.

CLINTON: When will she become real front-runner?
Instead of the return of Elvis or a space alien impregnating some rural Idaho woman, their big story was a psychic telling us of what the future foretold for the then-first lady.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE. IT was blatantly obvious then that Hillary R. Clinton was an ambitious woman who had her own goals in life – and wanted an obituary that said she was more than just the one-time first lady of both Arkansas and the United States.

Her future presidential campaigns were foretold – but with a twist. Something would always come up that would thwart her political ambitions. With an ominous overtone, we were told that Hillary would NEVER become president.

I’m sure Clinton would like to be able to trash that psychic prediction as just pure nonsense – which it likely is.

But it does always put the thought in my own mind when it comes to Hillary about what could go wrong now?

BACK IN HER 2008 presidential campaign, she was set to be the “Borg-like” candidate on the Democratic primary side of the election cycle. Remember the Borg?
As in the Star Trek-universe entity that assimilates everything it comes into contact with into its collective. “Resistance is futile,” we are told. Hillary was meant to be president.
Even in Star Trek, the inevitable Borg were always thwarted
Except that we got the whole Barack Obama phenomenon that literally dragged the primary cycle all the way to its vicious end before she’d give up.

Now in 2016, it would seem that Hillary once again wants to have people think that her ascension to the White House is inevitable. As though the primary cycle we’re going through is really a waste of time.

IT’S GOING TO be Hillary, right? Who else is there to vote for!

SANDERS: Can he overcome Borg-like Hillary?
We certainly can’t vote for somebody who isn’t embarrassed by the fact he has identified himself as a socialist. Nor that Maryland nobody, or any of the other fringy candidates whom most people don’t know anything about.

Hillary is so overwhelming, supposedly, that the person who theoretically ought to be the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president next year isn’t even running.

Or do you believe that Joe Biden will wait ‘til the absolute last second before changing his mind? Personally, I think Biden is realistic enough to know he’s redeemed his political reputation as much as possible, and trying to run for president would be a serious case of tempting fate.

BUT WHY IS it that as Hillary goes into this second presidential debate Saturday night (on the Democratic side; it’s the Republicans who are making real people in the general public sick of all their candidates), she hasn’t really wrapped this up.

For a person who wants us to think that all her challengers are just self-righteous and clueless buffoons who can’t accept the reality that nobody wants them, it makes me wonder if she misses the reality that many in our society are ABH – as in they’ll vote for Anybody But Hillary. Her best chance to win may actually be to have so many challengers that they cancel each other out to the point that the devoted few who wet their pants with glee at the thought of a different “President Clinton” will be enough to win.

Maybe SHE knows who will win in '16?
Personally, I don’t get as offended at the thought of Hillary in charge, and get a little delight at the personal disgust many ideologues will feel if Bill really is let back into the White House (“Hide the girls! Bill’s back!” is what we’ll hear).

But maybe that’s because no one among the many presidential dreamers has caught our attention enough to ensure that psychic prediction of so long ago manages to come true.


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