Friday, November 20, 2015

Cantankerous Chicago? Or just Second City’s common sense showing through?

It shouldn’t be a shock that the City Council felt compelled to make a statement against the fact that our state’s Republican governor felt compelled to go along with the partisan nonsense of other GOPers with regards to Syria.

The City Council felt compelled this week to dump on Gov. Bruce Rauner
They’re all feeling the need to “talk tough” and claim they’re going to bar any refugees of Syrian nationality from being able to enter their states – because supposedly it was the Syrians who were behind the plot to cause so many attacks on Paris last week.

OF COURSE, THAT’S nonsense. But then again, there’s rarely ever any logic behind purely political partisan rhetoric.

So with Illinois officially on the side of the ideologues, Chicago felt compelled to take the opposite side.

Which is why the City Council passed a resolution that says the “sanctuary city” status that already applies to immigration matters also applies now to Syrian citizens.

If they come here, they will be welcomed. Or at the very least, they won’t be harassed.

NOW I’LL BE the first to admit this sanctuary city status is as cheap a political statement as all the talk of refusing to permit Syrian refugees to enter the state.

Just as how state governments really don’t have the authority to close their borders to anyone, the city doesn’t really have the power to grant services to those refugees in need – particularly considering how financially strapped the city is in offering the municipal services it already is obligated to provide.

RAUNER: Envision his irate call to Rahm
This is all pure symbolism. Our city officials are letting it be known publicly how full of it they believe the governor to be for getting Illinois mixed up on this particular political issue.

The fact that it merely enhances the regional split between the urban and rural parts of Illinois (the latter of which account for roughly one-third of the state’s population – even though they prefer to think of it as 96 of the state’s 102 counties) is just a side benefit, I’m sure.

ON A PERSONAL level, I’m pleased with the City Council’s stance – even though I admit it changes nothing (except allowing President Barack Obama to excuse his home city from the nonsense his home region is participating in).

EMANUEL: Envision a wicked cackle in response
In that with all the Great Lakes states’ governors (except Minnesota) feeling the need to take this anti-Syrian stance and turning the region into a collective of nitwit-ish behavior, it is nice to be able to state the obvious difference that Chicago has.

And considering that I suspect most refugees who head this way would likely be headed for Chicago (I doubt they’re going for Cairo or Thebes – the Southern Illinois versions), we ought to make the collective statement of our sympathy for those people who are trying to escape the nonsense of their home nations that we are legitimately opposed to.

As for the fact that those conservative ideologues will now want to trash Chicago, well what else is new? Those kind of people are the ones who always want to isolate themselves in pockets of the state and nation that are cut off from the real world.

THE FACT THAT they see us as different is probably all the more evidence that we in Chicago are doing something right!

As for sanctuary city status, all it means for immigration is that the local authorities don’t join in with federal immigration officials in scouring out people for the feds to initiate deportation hearings against.

Which I suspect is what it also means for those Syrian nationals who wind up in Chicago. So long as they cause no trouble and merely try to integrate themselves into the larger mass that is Chicago, they will not be harassed by authorities. They will be left alone.

Isn’t that what the “American Way” of life is supposed to be about?


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