Friday, November 13, 2015

EXTRA: We’re all flying blind. But that won’t stop us from rants and rages

How long will it be before we think of Paris in such a cutesy way again?
As I write this, I must confess to not knowing the scope of the violence that occurred Friday night in Paris.

At least 100 people who were hostages-turned-targets killed in one lone theater, while it seems there were explosions in a sports stadium and at least four or five other incidents.

THE DEATH TALLY was at about 140. But by the time you read this, it could be higher. Much higher. A part of me is cynical enough to wonder how close to 1,000 fatalities we’ll see. If we’re talking multiple incidents, it could go high – particularly if there are more incidents yet to come.

Of course, we’re all suspecting Arab terrorists – which is a phrase too many nincompoops string together too easily. I’ve heard way too much speculation about ISIS. Way too much in that I have yet to hear a fact about who might have done this, or for what motivation.

The group in the Middle East that, to my mind, puts in my memory banks that silly mid-1970s TV show about a woman who fought crime by summoning the strength of the Egyptian goddess Isis.

Perhaps we could unleash her on the people who have coordinated these attacks? Problem solved!

MY BIGGEST HOPE is that people appreciate the scope of what appears to have happened, and the significance.

A part of me already wonders if the happenings of Sept. 11, 2001 in New York and Rosslyn, Va. (never forget the Pentagon) have been surpassed in significance. Will the same ideologues who liked getting worked up with their “Proud to be an American” song lyrics and “U.S.A.” chants (which ought never to be used outside of an Olympics athletic event) realize this event was meant to take a shot at the entirety of the Western World?

Could the power of Isis defeat ISIS?
That date just over 14 years ago would have been just as bad if the target had been the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace rather than the World Trade Center or the Capitol building (which was spared because of those passengers who attacked their attackers, remember?)

Perhaps it is likely in coming hours and days we’ll learn stories of how the violence could have been much worse – but how people made their bones (and perhaps gave their lives) to save others.

THAT WOULD AT least give Friday’s events some significance.

Because as things stand now, Friday will be just a gruesome day that will get some people all worked up as they camp out in front of their televisions and argue over which station they want to “spin” the factual tidbits that are spilling out of Paris while officials try to seal off their borders.

Which I think is a petty reaction, in part because I’m already reading the anonymous reactions on assorted Internet sites from crackpots who are determined to turn Fridays happenings into some sort of anti-immigration diatribe.

Yes, there are those who are already spewing trash about how “all those Mexicans” are now going to follow up what happened in Paris, France with (perhaps) an attack on Paris, Texas.

SOME PEOPLE WILL spew ideology no matter what the circumstance.

They’re the ones we really ought to be concerned about as we try to figure out what happened in France and as we join in the international mourning scene.

From 9/11 to 11/13 – which date will be next to gain an “infamous” stain?


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