Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Great Lakes an “island” of ignorance? Or was ISIS really on Michigan Ave.?

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin – along with Illinois.

Were ISIS followers really here?

Those are among the 13 states across the nation that have decided to take a stand against Syria that really shows just how clueless our state government official can be.

PERSONALLY, I FIND it embarrassing that the Great Lakes region is so overwhelmingly in favor of this nitwit-ish gesture that won’t do a thing to make us any safer than we were last week.

As much as I like to think of Illinois as the one piece of the Great Lakes region that shows some common sense, it now seems that Minnesota is the piece of sanity. Heck, I have several aunts who live in the greater Minneapolis metropolitan area.

Perhaps I ought to think of moving there! It would make as much sense as anything else – even if I’d have to start thinking of Fran Tarkenton as some sort of athletic legend.

I’m finding myself discouraged by the political reaction to the attacks last week throughout Paris. We truly seem determined to give in to our fears and ignorance. Because the reality is that we don’t have much of a clue (just a few suspicions) about what actually happened last week.

OR WHAT MOTIVATED people to think that trying to cause mayhem would actually accomplish something toward swaying people toward their “cause.” Which truly isn’t clear anyways.

The idea of anyone willing to kill on behalf of their religious beliefs is something I will never be able to comprehend. And I don’t care if it’s someone whose deadly actions are on behalf of Christ and Christianity.

None of it seems to have any sense attached to it.
Why do we have to be center of nitwit-isms?

With regards to our governors thinking they can ban Syrian refugees from actually locating in our states, it seems like a futile gesture. Particularly in the case of Illinois and Chicago, where we have so many ethnic groups having settled into the city.

A PLACE LIKE Chicago is exactly where newcomers to this country ought to be located. Of course, I suspect that’s also what makes the xenophobic amongst us so fearful of our wonderful city.

We don’t get all paranoid about people who aren’t like us. Well, actually, we do. We just know how to glare at each other, as opposed to thinking we can use the letter of the law to ban people.

We laugh at buffoons like Donald Trump when he says that he’d close mosques across the nation if he becomes president. We certainly don’t turn out in force to vote for him!

What is most pathetic about these whole circumstances is that we’re giving aid and comfort, so to speak, toward those people who really do have their ideological and religious hang-ups toward western society. Our paranoia is making those people feel stronger as though we fear them and make them feel stronger about themselves.

WHICH IS WHY I refuse to give in to those news reports about the Twitter posts that tell us ISIS sympathizers are amongst us – including outside of buildings right on Michigan Avenue.

In part because the news organizations that seem determined to play them up are places like the Washington Times, which probably would enjoy the idea of Chicagoans rising up in arms to chase out anyone who looks a little too Arab for the ideologues’ preference. (Or the ones who semi-seriously say that Dearborn, Mich., ought to become the front of our effort to “fight back” against Islam).

All of this fear-mongering does little more than make us ignorant of the true threats that exist toward our society – one that is something we ought to be concerned about preserving.

And I certainly wish my own Great Lakes region weren’t so willing to be at the heart of this ignorance.


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