Wednesday, May 29, 2013

EXTRA: Shows how little I know about hockey – the Hawks actually won!

I was amazed the Chicago Blackhawks even managed to create a Game Seven – I thought they’d flub out earlier. Then to take that final game into overtime before finally winning; it’s more drama than I would have thought possible.

Chicago's newest sports hero

Although you have to admit that having a lead, then blowing it in the final period of regulation play, and failing to take it back in the final two minutes, is so in character for a Chicago sports team.

BUT BRENT SEABROOK’S goal that put the Blackhawks back in the lead in overtime may have erased those memories. At the very least, there is a segment of the city that will forevermore consider Seabrook an honorary Chicagoan for life!

For those feeling a little bitter toward Detroit for even making it a competitive playoff, who knows? Maybe the White Sox will somehow beat up on the Tigers later this summer. Hey, anybody can dream! Because it’s more likely that the Tigers will give Detroit their payback against our sports scene when it comes to who even qualifies for the American League playoff scene.

All of this makes me wonder what Barack Obama was thinking about having a political fundraiser in our fair city on a day when many of us are more sports-obsessed – either for the Blackhawks or for the “Crosstown” baseball match-up.

He may have kept his remarks short. But he should have known better than to try having an event at all Wednesday night.

AND YES, WHILE waiting for a commuter train this morning, I saw one trio of people headed together for Wrigley Field – wearing Blackhawks jerseys with baseball caps for varying ball clubs. Although the well-figured girl with them had the skin-tight White Sox tube top to break the baseball partisan mix.

An old-time hockey example?
Insofar as my own thoughts about the Blackhawks, all I know is that after watching Chicago battle Detroit and Boston play New York, all that “Original Six” atmosphere made for an interesting round of playoffs.

Somehow, it just seems so wrong that Chicago now has to play the Los Angeles Kings!

Let’s all hope for a Chicago victory over L.A., combined with a Boston Bruins victory over Pittsburgh. A good ol’ fashioned Stanley Cup would be quite a sight.


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