Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How uncouth!

Reading the reports this past weekend about University of Chicago fraternities engaging in stunts that used Latinos as the punch line reminded me of the “Polish jokes” of old.

Those were never really funny, and neither is the thought of the potential future leaders of our society being “hazed” by having to mow the frat house lawn while wearing a gaudy sombrero.

ANYBODY WHO ARGUES that there is humor here and that some people are being overly touchy is exposing more about their vacuousness than they are our lack of a sense of humor.

Somehow, I doubt that the university will be boasting about this moment, the way they like to go on and on about all those Nobel Prize winners on the faculty -- or the fact that a current president was once an instructor there.

More about this incident can be found at this weblog’s sister site, The South Chicagoan.


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Anonymous said...

Waaay too sensitive.