Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Kinzinger finds self cut off on ‘island’ alone with Trump on border wall

Adam Kinzinger, a Republican member of Congress from Channahon, wants to believe he’s with the “majority” in siding with President Donald Trump’s efforts to erect a barricade along the U.S./Mexico border.
KINZINGER: Picking sides on border

So I suspect he’s stunned to find out that there are people in positions of authority who think he’s behaving like, to put it bluntly, a twit for doing so.

THAT’S THE CASE these days, as Kinzinger the other day made a point of siding with Trump (sort of) on the issue of declaring an emergency status so as to allow him to use federal funds to erect the so-called ‘wall’ he’s eager to have built to create the image of Mexico as some alien place totally separate from U.S.

I say “sort of” because Kinzinger’s support for Trump was kind of lame. Almost as though he wishes he didn’t have to say anything publicly on the issue.

Because Kinzinger, when appearing this past weekend on the CBS “Face the Nation” program, said he won’t vote to block Trump’s wall talk.

As in he won’t side with the measure likely to get majority support in the House of Representatives to thwart Trump’s desires. It’s the measure offered up by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. – so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Kinzinger wouldn’t be inclined to support it.
EVERS: Took Wisconsin out of partisan mix

KINZINGER SERVES AS an Air National Guard member who recently got called up to active duty; and in fact finished a stint with his unit in Arizona to help local authorities in terms of patrolling the border region.

Yet his unit, which is based in Wisconsin, is no longer going to be part of border patrol efforts. For it seems that Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers issued his own order recalling his state’s contribution to the border efforts.

The order was issued Monday, and Wisconsin’s troops will be returned home by Sunday. Kinzinger is probably thinking he and his Guard colleagues were “sold out” by their very own leadership.

Yet it’s more likely that Evers is simply more aware of the mood of Wisconsinites who’d rather not see their people and resources used to try to justify the “national emergency” that Trump is so desperate to want us to believe exists.
TRUMP: It's all about his ego, now

PARTICULARLY SINCE I suspect Trump’s real motivation for backing this whole idea is to see something built on his watch as president. As in “Trump, the Border Wall!” To go with all those ridiculously gauche hotels he’s had erected that bear his name.

Kinzinger has offered up defenses of Trump’s efforts at interfering with existing immigration policy. Although I can’t help but read those and think Kinzinger is actually offering up justifications for why we ought to think of Trump as a fraud on this issue.

Such as when he tells of how he was part of a crew that caught a man trying to cross the border into the United States with 70 pounds of methamphetamine. Which he used Twitter to ponder, “Wonder the damage that would do in Milwaukee.”

Except I see it as there wouldn’t be any need for that guy to try to bring such a substance into this country – if not for the fact he knows it will bring him big bucks. As in it’s people in this country already (the ones that Trump would try to claim are “real Americans”) who create the demand.

KINZINGER ALSO TOUTED the “coyotes” he helped capture (as in the people who help smuggle people into this country.
LINCOLN: Wiser words from Honest Abe

But if we had more rational immigration policies (as in not so concerned about keeping certain types of people from thinking they might belong in this country), the “coyotes” would be put out of business.

The Congressman also mentions helping to rescue a woman who was stranded in the desert that separates the United States and Mexico. Which is a noble purpose; although I suspect many of the ideologues who favor Trump and his border wall and immigration “tough talk” would have favored leaving the woman to suffer.

All of which means Kinzinger likely would have been better off keeping quiet on this particular issue. Because as Abraham Lincoln is said to have said, “It’s like when you remain silent people may doubt if you are a fool, but if you say something silly you will know for sure.”


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