Monday, February 18, 2019

A ‘real’ national emergency is seen in cinematic home town of Stan Mikita’s Donuts -- not along U.S./Mexico border

A real 'national emergency'
Maybe it’s evidence that a deity is watching over us, and that he had nothing to do with Donald Trump becoming president – the way some of the more religiously overzealous ideologues amongst us like to claim.

But on the day Friday when Trump tried to claim that conditions along the U.S./Mexico border are so violent and drug-infested that they constitute a “national emergency,” we got to see an incident that truly qualifies.

BY THAT, I’M referring to the shooting incident in Aurora, Ill., on Friday, the one that gained national attention as the latest of public outbursts that wind up with multiple casualties.

In this case, we’re talking about the “stressed out” factory worker whose reaction to learning he was “fired” from the job was to pull out a pistol he was carrying (illegally) and start shooting.

Police ultimately killed the man in question, but five other people were killed and wounded – including a few police officers themselves. 
Who thinks more alongside mindset … 

The sad aspect of this incident is that the details of all these public outbursts usually wind up becoming so similar that they all become intertwined in the public mindset. This particular moment happened in the unfortunately-named city in west suburban Chicago – since there also was the 2012 incident at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo.

HOW MUCH YOU want to bet some people won’t be able to keep the two incidents straight?

To me, the notion that we have so much violence occurring in parts of the country that would like to think they’re isolated from conditions that would cause such incidents in the first place is the real “national emergency.”
… of the American people? It ain't Trump!

It ought to be the evidence needed to show that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is correct when she claims a future Democratic president could easily use the concept of a “national emergency” to push for the stricter gun control laws that conservative ideologues claim are essential to the “American way” of life.

Although that threat didn’t particularly sway Trump away from using “national emergency” from trying to force funding for a U.S./Mexico border barricade.

PROBABLY BECAUSE HE realizes that the bulk of Democratic political professionals, and even many Republican types, have too much respect for the ideals of democracy and what really is the “American way” to try anything so rash and irresponsible.
Twisted sense of amendment's purpose
In short, Trump counts on the fact that the bulk of us aren’t as absurd as he is.

In fact, many were trying to score political points against Trump by dinging the president for not speaking out vociferously enough about the incident – with some saying they wonder if he’d have been willing to use the incident to his advantage if it had somehow involved a Latino gunman

Because then, it would have fit into his line of thinking about all those foreigners coming here to kill people.

JUST LIKE HOW on Friday morning he was eager to claim “emergency” conditions about all the illicit narcotics being brought into this country – even though the reality is they’re being brought here because there’s a market for them amongst the U.S. populace – many of whom probably voted for Trump in the first place.
If it were real, it could comfort us from Friday's violent outburst
I’m not trying to downplay violence across the nation, much of which comes about due to the ease by which many can obtain firearms. It’s just a sad reality that conditions aren’t going to chance until we come to the realization that our overly-loose interpretation of the Second Amendment to have open use of firearms is going to have to be adapted.

That amendment, after all, says, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” but also cadges it with rhetoric about “well-regulated militias” and “state security” that too many “gun nuts” prefer to ignore.

One other reality of Friday’s incident – Aurora, Ill., won’t just be in the public’s minds as the home town of “Wayne’s World.” I’m sure many Aurora-types would just as soon go back to the days of people showing up and asking for the location of the mythical “Stan Mikita’s Donuts” shop.


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