Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Happy Holidays; now Log Off!!!

This being Christmas, it’s time for my annual holiday diatribe for you to log off your computer, laptop or whatever other device you might be using to read this.
A city-wide holiday greeting. Photos by Gregory Tejeda
For it being Christmas, there really are better things you could be doing with your time on this Tuesday, rather than reading through the Internet. All this rubbish will still be here Wednesday. You can catch up on it then.
Do you believe this scene occurred? Or did someone shop at Macy's?
SERIOUSLY, I’M INCLINED to believe that this holiday is one that we ought to be spending together, enjoying whatever semblance of family or friends you may have. There really are more significant things than looking up cutesy pictures of pets who were dressed up by their masters in elf costumes.
Chicago's official holiday tree for 2018
If anything, that would be evidence of animal cruelty, not cutesiness.

So come back here later this week, in search of significant commentary and analysis of the happenings in our world. I’m going to give myself the day off. Or before you log off, check out this old video snippet that many of us originally saw back in the days of Garfield Goose or Ray Rayner and Friends on Channel 9.
Although I won’t be amongst those making the trek up to the Music Box Theatre – where for one day only Tuesday, the classic cinematic production up for viewing is none other than “Fiddler on the Roof.” Does that mean viewers will then be encouraged to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant, while humming the tune "Matchmaker?"


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