Thursday, December 27, 2018

Do we over-react to, and in effect empower, very notion of Farrakhan?

A part of me becomes amused every time I learn of an incident where someone becomes offended by the very concept of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.
We won't see encore come January of 2017 women's march in Chicago
Then again, another part of my essence is bothered by people who want to demonize Farrakhan as the ultimate example of antisemitism in this country.

BECAUSE MY OWN thought is to think of the group with their mosque down around 73rd Street and Stoney Island Avenue as a fringe element – one that almost borders on irrelevance in the daily lives of the bulk of our society.

Do we manage to elevate their significance every time we try to portray Farrakhan as some sort of demon presence? Are we managing to over bloat the egos of those people inclined to think of Elijah Muhammad as a grand historic figure (and Malcolm X as some sort of renegade)?

And are we feeding into the victim mentality of modern-day Nation of Islam members into thinking they are the ultimate victims – being picked upon by the masses of our society.

Particularly by all those white people amongst us, including the many who do have their racial hang-ups.
FARRAKHAN: Seems to enjoy offending masses

THOUGHTS OF THE Nation of Islam popped into my head on the Day After Christmas when I read news accounts of how there won’t be a Women’s March next month in Chicago.

The event that in recent years has cropped up in placed across the nation to give women a chance to express themselves and show they’re not going to be intimidated into submission in our society was to be held locally on Jan. 19.

The past two years have seen the women march in great numbers (several thousands of people) through the streets of downtown to Grant Park – with the crowds being so great that some marchers hadn’t even begun their walk yet while others were already gathered at the park on the lakefront.

But not in 2019.

IT SEEMS THE Chicago activists who would have coordinated the local version of the Women’s March are upset that the national leadership have expressed support for Farrakhan.

Or maybe it’s that they haven’t thoroughly repudiated Farrakhan enough to satisfy certain elements of society – particularly people who are bothered by the fact that Farrakhan himself gave a speech earlier this year where he both praised Women’s March Inc. leaders, while also blaming “the powerful Jews are my enemy.”

Or, quite possibly, it’s that a whole lot of disparate groups are upset thinking that somebody else is trying to usurp the position they think they ought to have as the ultimate victim?

I’m wondering if the Chicago activists (who say they’ll hold their own event to be held separate of the Women’s Marches that will take place in Washington, D.C., and other cities across the nation) are really doing nothing more than empowering the Farrakhan followers.

GIVING THEM MORE reasons to think he’s a great man worthy of dignity and their respect – instead of just another crackpot saying whatever he thinks will gain him some public attention regardless of how ridiculous he sounds or how offensive he comes off as being.
Farrakhan followers congregate on Stoney Island, and nowhere else
And yes, I’m very aware that some people will read that last sentence and think I’m attacking Farrakhan himself.

Even though a part of me thinks we all tend to focus way too much attention on the man himself.

I’m sure the only real winners in all of this verbal brouhaha turns out to be that segment of our society that takes great pleasure from this Age of Trump we’re now in – as I’m sure they view the constant haggling amongst the majority of us as evidence of their own narrow-mindedness having a touch of legitimacy.


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