Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The resurrection of Adolf Hitler; or are Nazi Nut-zis on the loose?

A lot of people like to take their pot-shots at our nation’s current president by making comparisons to Adolf Hitler, although I am fairly sure that the people really inclined to “pledge allegiance” to the one-time German Fuhrer think Donald Trump is as much a loony as the rest of us.
JONES: Finally making it to general election

The kind of people who really think something noble occurred during that era some 80 years ago probably think Trump is all talk, without the nerve to really act.

BUT’S LET NOT dispute the notion that there are people inclined to think that fascism or a police state would have benefits for our society – particularly if it allowed for the eliminate in some form or another of less-than-desirable people.

There was one news report out of suburban Riverside about the man now facing criminal charges because he approached three girls – ages 12 to 14 – to tell them of the evils of miscegenation and how they ought to study history to learn that Hitler was not as evil as often portrayed.

For what it’s worth, the girls took a picture of the man, told their parents, who then contacted police – where authorities actually recognized him from a previous arrest.

The man, a Berwyn resident, now faces disorderly conduct charges, although the Chicago Sun-Times reported that police said the man admits to his actions, but doesn’t believe he did anything illegal.

NOT THAT IT’S just a guy hanging around the candy store (literally, in this case) looking to talk to young girls. There also were the reports about Art Jones, who in political circles is known as the Nazi perpetual candidate.

He appears to have got himself on the ballot for this year’s election cycle as the token Republican who will challenge the winner of the Dan Lipinski/Marie Newman Democratic primary fight that most likely determine the actual election winner.

For Jones is running in the March 20 primary unopposed. And Jones is a guy who once was an activist-type whose political philosophy included wearing the swastika and touting Hitler as an example of what our society should espouse.
Nazi 'menace' arrested in Riverside

Now I know Jones has long ago quit being that extreme. I remember once interviewing him many years ago (back when I was a kid reporter with the old City News Bureau) and he said he quit being a Nazi because they were too ineffectual – not capable of getting anything done.

NOT THAT HE is apologetic in any way for his own beliefs, which include rhetoric about how the holocaust of the Nazi era in Germany is exaggerated, if not an outright falsehood.

It’s at the point where Illinois Republican Chairman Timothy Schneider and Gov. Bruce Rauner both have felt compelled to denounce Jones’ campaign and claim it doesn’t represent the modern-day GOP.

Although I find it interesting that Republican gubernatorial challenger Jeanne Ives – who wants to be thought of as an extreme conservative candidate, won’t go anywhere near Jones and his rhetoric.

I have no doubt that many Democratic candidates will find ways of bringing up Jones’ congressional bid during their own campaigns. They’ll try to tout the whole Party of Lincoln as being that way.

I’M NOT WILLING to go that far.

I’m sure that most of us will see how pathetic it is that the Republican Party couldn’t come up with a credible candidate in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District – the Southwest Side and surrounding suburbs of Chicago.

So the idea that a Holocaust denier (the way Jones was described in both the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times) is running for Congress, and that men are approaching young girls to tout their Nazi ideals, is a rise in fascism, is not evidence of a rise in right-wing extremism.

It just means the Nut-zis are on the loose. The bottom line? They’ll give us a good laugh with their nonsense.


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