Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Is federal government chaos best protection for those young people with uncertain immigration status?

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly let it be known that young people brought to this country as children by their parents without valid visas shouldn’t feel threatened.
Kelly having to correct  ...

He says such people are not going to be a priority for deportation, regardless of whether or not the legal protections that were offered those individuals during the Barack Obama presidency do wind up disappearing next month due to the actions of President Donald J. Trump.

NOT THAT I believe any individuals who went to the trouble of registering with the federal government under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program are going to feel the least bit relieved.

Then again, it could mean the ultimate protection for those young people who have lived the bulk of their lives is the inability of our federal government leadership to figure out what it wants to do.

It could wind up that will hold in check those individuals who seriously thought that a vote for Trump just over a year ago would wind up instant deportation of all these “foreigners” who “don’t belong here.”

That is, of course, when they were not fantasizing about their other “priority” – the instant incarceration of Hillary R. Clinton (remember chants of, “Lock her up!”?).
... his boss, Trump, so often ...

KELLY’S WORDS THIS week to reporter-types in Washington, D.C. that these “dreamers” are “not a priority for deportation” and that those individuals will be left alone so long as they avoid any criminal record and “stay out of anyone’s scope” ought to offer some comfort to those individuals who seriously wonder if the election of an ideologue who doesn’t really have a clue how government works provides a threat to their futures and the lives they’re trying to build.

But then again, it was just over two weeks ago that Kelly told members of Congress that it was likely even Trump knew his constant demands for a physical barrier be built along the U.S./Mexico border were not going to happen.

Only to have Trump himself come back and insist that it was Kelly who didn’t have a clue – and that his demands for a border wall to keep all those dreaded Mexicans out of the United States really was going to happen.
... is a sight we didn't get in the days of Rahm ...

Does this mean that tomorrow’s “story” will be Trump denouncing Kelly for once again speaking on this issue, and that all those young foreigners really are going to face deportation once the DACA protections of the Obama era expire come March 5?

COULD IT BE that this ongoing battle over the fate of a group of young people who really have done everything they can in life to assimilate to this country and merely want a bureaucratic obstacle removed from their path to complete the journey is going to be what keeps the federal government from acting?

Because I don’t believe our Congress is going to come up with a magical solution to this issue by March 5. The courts, thus far, have ruled in ways that would thwart action toward deportation.

Yet there are too many members of Congress who are determined to keep any long-term resolution of the bureaucratic mess that is our federal immigration policy from being reformed.

There are too many people whose ideological hang-ups benefit from a chaotic immigration policy. A real solution is going to include the eventual replacement of Trump as president with someone who wants to look at the issue rationally.
... advising his boss, Obama

WHICH IS A situation I must confess I don’t see occurring anytime soon. I can see a lot more irrationality occurring on the issue of immigration reform before anyone gets willing to be serious.

Until then, the safest bet for those young people whom some are determined to view as the problem (instead of political nonsense) could be the chaos itself – which could prevent any ideologically-motivated actions with long-term consequences.

And one other thought – about how absurd our federal government has become. Can anyone envision former President Obama so often being contracted by his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, for not having a clue?


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