Thursday, December 7, 2017

EXTRA: Dems resigning while GOP still in denial about sexual harassment?

Let’s be honest. We’re not in an age where sexual harassment has become more prominent. There’s just as many women getting their fannies groped now as in the past. It’s just that now, we’re not laughing it off the way we once did.

FRANKEN: Decency to resign
Yet there is one difference, when it comes to the issue and partisan politics.

JUST ON THURSDAY, Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., said he would resign in coming weeks – what with the total of women who say he groped them inappropriately rising to eight. Just a few days ago, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., also resigned his Congressional post amidst similar allegations.

Which I’m sure the Republican political operatives are going to claim is evidence that Democratic political people are perverts. Dump them all from office – a Republican-dominated government is what we need to restore morals to our society!

Although the fact is that there are gropers and horny bastards at heart amongst all government officials. All people in general, to tell the truth.

We still have the case of Roy Moore, the former judge who now is running in a special election in Alabama on Tuesday to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy in that southern state.
MOORE: Still fighting for political life

MOORE IS THE guy who faces claims he sexually propositioned many young girls – including one as young as 14 – back when he was in his early 30s (he’s now 70 and married – to a woman he originally met when she was still a teenager).

There are indications he could win the special election and get sent along to Congress, even though people in D.C. have indicated they think Moore is unfit to serve in the federal government.
TRUMP: A Leo Durocher fan?

But President Donald J. Trump has given Moore his endorsement; admitting as much that it’s because he wants the Senate seat to remain in Republican hands. He does not want Democrats gaining extra influence prior to the 2018 elections – or even then.

Trump, like many other political people, is more concerned about partisan politics than an official’s actual behavior.
SANDERS: Trump should resign

THEN AGAIN, TRUMP is the guy who had his own accusations of sexual harassment made by many women. He’s the guy who got caught on tape talking about how his technique for attracting women involved grabbing them by their genitalia.

It sounds similar to the old baseball fan stories told about Leo Durocher, the one-time Brooklyn Dodgers manager who once was suspended for a full season because of his adulterous behavior. Particularly his technique for figuring out quickly whether a woman was willing to be with him -- it bears a remarkable resemblance to that of Trump.

Let’s be honest. While Durocher may have been a “baseball genius,” he isn’t someone whose lead you follow on moral matters.

Then again, Trump has shown his own immorality, along with his political ineptitude.

I FIND IT amusing to learn that Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Democratic Socialist who failed in his own presidential aspirations last year, says Trump himself ought to consider resigning on account of the sexual tales told about him.

I don’t expect Trump to even consider resignation. It would make too much of the nation happy, while discouraging the misfits who are prepared to support him to the very end. The same people who are going about talking about Franken’s acts of perversion.

Was Durocher's '69 Cubs result inept like Trump
Although if we want to be blunt about it, Franken offered up a resignation and stepped down for the good of Congress as an institution, compared to people like Moore who are prepared to fight to the death to defend themselves – regardless of how ridiculous it makes Congress look in the end.

Who’s really showing more signs of class and morality on Capitol Hill these days?


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