Monday, August 14, 2017

What kind of twisted twerp thinks white supremacy is the “American” way?

There is one positive aspect I can think of related to the white supremacist rally in Virginia that resulted in fatalities – maybe now we’ll stop thinking of such events as a laughable spectacle.
Popular spot to express Trump contempt

Because that is what happens all too often whenever these people with their racial hang-ups insist on exercising their right to free expression (their ‘right to be wrong’) – the end result is usually something so laughable.

WE GET OUR chuckle at the thought anybody could be deluded enough to think such thoughts. We comment about third-rate brown shirts who likely would have been rejected by the real Nazi Party had they tried to join back in 1930s-era Germany.

Or maybe we joke about wondering just how those Klansmen get their sheets so white.

We laugh them off because the spectacle usually is ludicrous.

Like the time I once covered a Klan rally held outside the Illinois Statehouse in Springfield – the Klan chaplain (I forget the goofy K-laden title they gave him) led the protesters in a “prayer” that God strike Planet Earth with a plague that would wipe out all the undesirable life forms and leaving the globe free and clear for white people.
ROCKWELL: Brought Nazis to United States

OR ANOTHER RALLY I once covered outside the Bloomington, Ill., hospital where American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell was born. They laid a wreath to pay tribute to their founder, and the followers who came uniformed in swastika armbands and helmets took a public pledge that bore some resemblance to the one that the “Illinois Nazis” took in the film “The Blues Brothers.”

Remember? They pledged allegiance to Adolf Hitler, only to see the one-time Mount Prospect police car driven by noted scofflaw Elwood Blues come roaring at them – forcing them to all dive into a nearby river.

The rally held recently in Charlottesville, Va., had no such laughable moments.
TRUMP: Election emboldened modern-day Nazis?

What wound up happening was that a white supremacist backer drove his car into the group of counter-demonstrators who wanted to make their opposition known.

WE NOW HAVE fatalities caused by these people whose insecurities about life cause them to want to think the accident of Caucasian conception makes them a superior form of life.

One-time Klan leader and Louisiana politico David Duke described the events as being one of, “We are determined to take our country back.” President Donald Trump has taken some abuse because his initial statements about the matter came so many hours after it occurred, and were lukewarm as though he were trying to shift blame to the counter-protesters – who are the ones who suffered a casualty in all this.

When Trump tried making a harsher statement that acknowledged the absurdity of the white supremacists, Duke retorted by telling the president, “I would recommend you take a good look in the mirror and remember it was white Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists.”

These are the racist ideologues who were the bulk of the 46 percent of the electorate that was able to give Trump an Electoral College victory making it clear they won’t be ignored.

IT’S GOING TO be hard for Trump to continue to deny he’s president because of the bigots amongst us who saw his repeated ridiculous rhetoric as backing of their own racist ideals. Particularly since the gaudy tower that contains the hotel he operates in Chicago is now a popular gathering place for the protesters.
Friday's incident not comical like this Blues Brothers scene
That may be the significance of the counter-protests held Saturday and Sunday in Chicago, amongst other cities, in which people were able to peacefully express their outrage over the racist radicals who think this Age of Trump is their age of empowerment!

Many of us who would have dismissed Friday’s event for the Wal-mart-purchased Tiki torches carried by the white supremacist protesters or the ridiculous attempts at being clad in paramilitary gear are going to have to take a more serious look at this segment of our society.

Which may be a minority going about chanting “You will not replace us.” But it is one with an un-American ideal in that they’d want to use their freedom of expression to overpower everyone not like themselves into a position of submission.


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