Thursday, August 3, 2017

EXTRA: Leaflet-to-leaflet combat?!?

These leaflets are starting to turn up in mailboxes this week, efforts by the Stand for Children Illinois group to remind people that the legislators who cast votes in favor of the Education Funding bill may actually have been acting in the interests of educators and NOT just partisan political hacks.

As Gov. Bruce Rauner would have you think -- what with the way he persists with calling the bill a "bailout" for the Chicago Public Schools.

WE'RE GOING TO see many more of these glossy-papered messages cluttering up the mailboxes of those people who live in districts where the local legislators were supportive of the public schools' interests.

Which is something I'm sure will offend the environmentally-minded amongst us. Just think of all the trees that perished to make the glossy paper that created these fliers? Let's at least hope people have the sense to dispose of them in a recycling bin once they give them a momentary glance.


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