Monday, July 10, 2017

We don’t trust Trump? For shame!!! (Heavy sarcasm definitely intended)

You’d think President Donald J. Trump were asking us for our Social Security and credit card numbers, what with the way several states are reacting to a request for personal information about our voter registration rolls.
TRUMP: Give me your info!

Officially, the federal government says it wants to do a review of the policies in place to ensure that people are voting in legally legitimate ways. Which led to the information request from the entities in each of the 50 states that are in charge of keeping track over who is legally allowed to vote.

FOR THE RECORD, Illinois (in the form of the State Board of Elections) says it won’t provide anything to Trump.

They say we have existing laws in this state that prevent the voter roll data from being shared with political committees.

And it would seem many people are viewing this Trump-era investigation as some sort of fact-finding mission to advance the concept of there being certain people who have no such business thinking of themselves as having a right to vote.

Maybe it means that Trump finally accepts that only 46 percent of the electorate in 2016 wanted him to be president and that some 3 million more people wanted Hillary R. Clinton instead.

BUT RATHER THAN accept that a majority of the nation is displeased with him, perhaps Trump now wants to figure out a way to bolster his support by subtraction.

Find people who are not inclined to vote for him and come up with a legalese way of taking away their vote. Do enough of that, and you could take his “46 percent” and turn it into a majority.

Conniving? Less than honorable? Of course!
Donald Trump's baseball idol?

But then again, I’m sure Trump is of the Leo Durocher School (“Nice Guys Finish Last”) of politics, even though I’m sure he’s intellectually unadventurous enough to have a clue who Durocher was – or that the baseball club he once managed in Brooklyn wasn’t always a part of the Southern California scene.

SO WHY WOULD Trump-allied people want to gather up personal information about who is capable of casting a ballot? Who knows.

It brings out the most suspicion that exists in our human nature in that we’re willing to think the worst.

Which is why Illinois is saying flat-out that it won’t give any information. Many other states say they’re only going to give the most basic of details; so little that it’s likely the Trump-types won’t be capable of learning much of anything from this.

In all, some 44 of the 50 states are being less-than-cooperative in dealing with the president. Something I’m sure he will regard as a personal insult – and perhaps reason for him to consider cracking down on those states when they start asking for favors.

WHICH PROBABLY IS the way he views their requests for the funding that the federal government provides to states that they, in turn, use to support their own obligations to their residents.

I wonder if it will turn out to be something along the lines of the legal actions he is threatening against cities, including Chicago and Cook County, Ill., both of which are continuing to maintain their “sanctuary city” status with regards to immigration. Meaning the local cops won’t turn over every bit of data they stumble across to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Federal Immigration officials have to do their own legwork in their ongoing pursuit of people to face deportation.
Trump's fantasy? Except I doubt he's ever read it

It’s good to see that so many states are refusing to go along with this potentially-partisan political witch hunt – a search for anybody not inclined to worship at the Altar of The Donald. It makes me feel sorry for those people in the six states that see nothing wrong with going along with Trump on this issue.

And it is comical the efforts in some states where some people are going so far as to un-register themselves to vote – so as to ensure there is NO information on them to provide to the T-Men. Although I suspect that the Trump types will have their ways of finding out personal dirt on whomever they want – it most definitely is their style.


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