Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Trump’s just a bully best dealt with by ignoring his rhetorical nonsense

There are times when I think the best way to deal with the trash talk that emanates from the mouth of President Donald J. Trump is to ignore it.
A favorite spot for tourists to pose these days

He’s a bully and a dullard and is one who seems to relish being the center of attention.

WHICH IS WHY I wonder how much it would hurt him emotionally if we paid little attention to him – treated him for the triviality he truly is, rather than regarding much of anything he says as significant.

I think that would be the cruelest blow we could dish out to this egomaniac whom 46 percent of the electorate chose to be our nation’s leader.

I’m having these thoughts leading into Independence Day; the date upon which we celebrate the creation of our nation and the ideals of social justice for all that it supposedly stands for.

It is one upon which I can’t help but feel a little bit of shame over the pathetically-partisan nature our society has taken a turn to. We’re in an era in which some people are determined to turn back the advances we have made in our society toward achieving the American ideal – and those who voted for Trump did so largely because they think he supports their vision.

THAT IS WHY it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn of polls showing that Trump’s support levels remain ridiculously high amongst those people who voted for him.

Many are the kind of people who find themselves intimidated by people who actually understand government and its procedures and find Trump’s simple-mindedness easier to comprehend.

Particularly if it repeats to them over and over that everything wrong is somebody else’s fault!

Which is why I can’t help but chuckle at the recent outburst caused by Trump using some doctored video from the days of old when he tried boosting his public persona by becoming a character in professional wrestling.

ONLY NOW, INSTEAD of taking down a real wrestler, the video shows that wrestler being representative of CNN – the national news network that gets demonized by people who don’t want a dose of reality in their reports but want to be reassured that everything wrong is somebody else’s fault!

There are those people who are concerned that Trump has crossed over a line and is trying to incite violence against reporter-type people. As though he’s nothing more than one of those third-world tyrants who likes to criminalize people who dare to speak out against him.

Personally, I think that’s giving Trump way too much credit!

While it always is possible that some irrational sort is capable of taking anything out of context and turning it into a gross over-reaction, we also can’t go too far in terms of trying to limit this kind of stupid talk. People do, after all, have a right to be wrong.

IT SAYS SO in the Constitution – that document we’re supposedly celebrating Tuesday that says we have a right to free expression of our ideals. No matter how trivial or ridiculous those ideals may be.

In the case of Trump, personally I don’t think he has much in the way of a political philosophy. It wouldn’t shock me if his presidency winds up being a collection of contradictions, along with many trivial outbursts. Personally, I do believe that the political structure created by our Founding Fathers is capable of withstanding the nastiness we’re going to endure during this Age of Trump.

Which is why as a reporter-type person myself, I actually think the best way to respond to Trump’s doctored image of a body-slam of CNN is to come up with an alternate reality follow-up.

Perhaps one in which a symbolic American people puts Trump over its knee and gives him a spanking worthy of an insolent and bratty child!


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