Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What a shock, Trump’s presidency will be influenced by his business interests

President-elect Donald J. Trump says he plans to turn his business interests over to his two sons, but also says the company will not make any effort to grow itself during his presidency.
TRUMP: Of course there will be conflicts

If only life could be that simple. But it isn’t.

ALTHOUGH I’M SURE in the mindset of the minority of our electorate that actually supported Trump’s presidential campaign (and won on a technicality, a fact we should never be allowed to forget), life would be a whole lot simpler if details could be ignored and cheap rhetoric could rule!

The Washington Post reported about the latest Twitter missives Trump sent out saying that sons Donald, Jr., and Eric will now be in charge of the Trump Enterprises.

He made that statement while also saying the press conference he originally said would be held Thursday will now be held sometime in January. It is the one in which he is supposed to put to rest all the fears people have that a Trump presidency will be a massive conflict of interest that will benefit the business interests that have made him a garishly wealthy individual.

But I’m all the more convinced that the eventual press conference will be nothing more than a stunt, staged by Trump, probably with all the gaudiness of a Trump hotel or casino.

AS THINGS STAND now, it will be the Trump sons who will hold down the fort, so to speak, in terms of business deals. Although there are hints they will have minor advisory roles within a Trump administration.

As for daughter Ivanka, whom some have said is the actual brains of the next generation of Trumps, she is expected to step away from Trump Enterprises to take on an actual role with the federal government. Her husband, Jared, is likely to gain some sort of federal post as well.

But does anyone really trust that there can be such a clean break – particularly since the whole key to comprehending Trump is that he believes in getting involved in minute details of his businesses.

I know of construction companies that have had contracts to do work on Trump projects, and Trump himself supposedly insists on personally approving any detail that costs in excess of $100,000. And also claim it is very easy for Trump to find ways to justify getting out of paying in full for services provided.

I’M SKEPTICAL THERE will not be conflicts. I’m also not alone.

A poll by Morning Consult for the Politico newspaper says 81 percent of people surveyed think Trump will behave as president in ways that will benefit his business interests.

Of course, 73 percent of those who identified as Republicans said they think that is a good thing – which could mean that they’re content for Trump to wreck havoc upon the nation, provided they gain partisan political benefits from it.

But it seems that 79 percent of people think Trump should have a legitimate separation between his business interests and his presidency – with even 76 percent of Republican agreeing (and 86 percent of Democrats).

IT WILL BE interesting to see how things work out over the course of the next month and whether Trump truly can satisfy the public that he can run a real government.

Then again, in the mindset of Trump, a “real” government IS the problem. It is one that did things that might go against the concerns of corporate types and their financial concerns.

I don’t doubt there are those people who WANT a Trump presidency that will favor himself because they envision themselves as being just like him. When combined with that share of the electorate that voted for him because he appealed to white people just like themselves, that is the people who gave us the concept of “President Trump.”

And as for the rest of us, it’s time to start preparing some serious strategy for the 2020 election cycle – where Dump Trump ought to become our mantra for the next four years.


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