Friday, May 20, 2016

Sanders’ stubbornness cosmic payback for Hillary of ’08? Or prep for Trump?

Personally, I’m not surprised to see that would-be presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is determined to carry out his campaign to the bitter end – and possibly longer!
SANDERS: He won't back off!
He’s a stubborn guy. He’s hard-headed and more than willing to argue out a principle even if he has no realistic clue as to how to achieve it. Heck, there are times I think the senator from Vermont is more unfit to be president than Donald Trump.

BESIDES, THE FACT is that the man is not a part of the Democratic Party.

Whether one wants to use the Democratic socialist label to describe him or the Independent tag (as in those news organizations that insist on IDing him as being I-Vt., because they don’t know what to make of someone who isn’t a Democrat or Republican), he’s not a part of the party establishment.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that the man could care less what party officials think about wanting to have an orderly political process in which likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton turns her attention to beating up on Trump’s Republican campaign.

Instead, she’s having to fight continued squabbles over Bernie, who just won’t play nice and fade away.

OF COURSE, IT also shouldn’t be any surprise that the Democratic party establishment (or party hacks, if you prefer) have been so solidly opposed to Sanders throughout the primary election cycle to the point where the superdelegates are going to ensure the man has no chance of prevailing come the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Since Sanders was never interested in being a Democrat all these years, why should they suddenly decide to want him to be the standard-bearer whose presence atop the ballot will influence the chances of re-election for many party officials in assorted offices across the nation?
CLINTON: How progressive is she?
It is why they’re going to go along with the person with whom they feel most comfortable; particularly since to a certain generation of people Hillary IS the voice of liberalism. She IS the one who stands for progressive change.

Even though she really has been moderated by age. And young people probably think it's a tacky joke that she ever was thought of as liberal! She’s still by far the one most likely to support certain ideals for society, particularly when compared to Trump who these days is trying to alter his own image to convince the conservative ideologues of our society that he can be “conservative enough” for them.
OBAMA: Was Hillary as stubborn in '08?
AS ONE WHO cast a ballot for Clinton back when my home state had its primary election in March, there is a part of me that is dismayed that Camp Hillary hasn’t been able to wrap this up by now.

It really comes off as a sign of her own political weakness that she can’t crush a little-known senator from Vermont.

Although I also remember back to the 2008 primary election cycle when Clinton carried out her presidential dreams all the way to the end of the cycle. She wouldn’t give up – even when it became clear she couldn’t get the proper number of delegates to be successful at the convention.

Could it be a matter of bad karma that Clinton’s own stubbornness back then will be repaid by her having to endure a harsh political fight?

AND WHAT WILL come of this. Could it be that Hillary will be toughened up for what inevitably will be the classless and tacky cheap shots that the Trump campaign will devolve down to in its own efforts to gain every last vote possible from that segment of society that views Hillary as “that broad” and would do anything possible to ensure she NEVER wins the presidency.
TRUMP: Will beat on Hillary worse than Bernie

Because as much as Trump repulses some in our society, Hillary comes off as harsh and shrill to an equal degree – particularly those who aren’t all that offended by the way Trump treats women in general.

In the end, Sanders’ place in political history is going to be the degree to which he batters on Clinton – giving her enough calluses to blunt the blows she’ll get eventually from Trump?

Or softening her up to the point where Trump could land a lethal blow – which means many people will wind up laying blame on Bernie if we really wind up with a first lady Melania; along with exes Ivana and Marla. It would make for quite the first family holiday card come Christmas!


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