Friday, May 13, 2016

EXTRA: Whose ‘scare talk’ should we believe with regards to Donald Trump?

A lesson this political reporter-type person learned long ago was not to believe any of the actual rhetoric spewed by campaigns. They tend to over-hype a tiny piece of fact and turn it into a distortion completely unrelated to reality.
TRUMP: Misogynist? Or baby-killer?

And that goes for both sides, along with all candidates.

NONE OF THE political talk should be taken too literally.

I got my latest bit of evidence of this fact by going through my e-mails this week. Within a one-day span Thursday into early Friday, I got people trying to convince me of the evils of Donald Trump (not that I need to hear any more about how insipid he is) in ways that directly contradicted each other.

In this particular set of instances, the issue was abortion – always something that will manage to tick people off no matter what you say or write. And I fully expect to get at least one hostile response to this commentary regardless of how it comes down.

To get to the point, I received an e-mail message from the CHC Bold PAC, which is trying to bolster the number of Latinos who serve in Congress. They don’t want Donald Trump to be the next president.

THEY USED ABORTION and the Supreme Court vacancy to try to appeal to people to support them “Do You Want Donald J. Trump to nominate our Next Supreme Court Justice?” they asked. Understanding that the people they were reaching out to would burst into hysterics at the very thought.

Of course, they’d also appreciate it if I’d make a financial contribution to their cause. Playing off the fear of people who think a Republican president will go out of his way to undermine abortion rights and the Roe v. Wade ruling of 43 years ago that eliminated abortion as a criminal act.

Trump had to open his mouth and talk about the issue theoretically about how it could become a crime again.

But that isn’t good enough. For I also stumbled across an e-mail giving me a link to a National Review commentary warning me about how Trump is a dangerous liberal who will undermine the concerns of conservatives everywhere.

PARTICULARLY WITH REGARDS to abortion, because he has a sister who is a judge who has issued rulings that the right regards as not appropriately rigid against a woman’s ability to choose to end a pregnancy, if she so wishes. So all we know, she would become a Supreme Court justice under a "President" Trump.

So if I trust my e-mail, Trump is both an oppressive freak to the rights of women to control their own bodies, while also being a vicious baby-killer.

Trump will use the presidency to rig the Supreme Court of the United States with justices who will undermine abortion rights. That is, unless he turns out to be a pseudo-Nazi who allows for abortion on demand!

Somebody seriously needs to get their facts straight. If anything, both sides do. Personally, I suspect Trump is like a lot of people who think there are other issues of greater significance to our society, rather than continuing to rehash this one.

ON A RELATED e-mail issue is the fact that I’m getting bombarded with pleas for my cash to support assorted political campaigns of various persuasions. I even got one from the Great America PAC (and no, I don’t mean that amusement park near Gurnee, Ill.)

It seems they are among the Republicans who have come  to terms with Trump as the GOP presidential nominee. They want me to send them a contribution so they can do their work on Trump’s behalf. This isn’t the Trump campaign I’d be giving cash to – just a group of Republicans who’d provide the proper education and perspective (ie., spewing dirt) about issues so as to benefit Trump.

They suggested a $100 donation, which shows they’re Republican. Democrats who seek on-line donations usually try to say that a mere $5 contribution would help.

Which means the next five-and-a-half months is bound to be a frantic time for my e-mail boxes, particularly if they’re going to be cluttered with cheap trash talk like this.


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