Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016 will be the ultimate year of voting for “Anybody But …” for president

We’ve finally reached the point, even though supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont won’t accept it, where we know who will be the major candidates seeking the presidency.
CLINTON: Still beating on Bernie

Hillary Clinton, the one-time first lady and Secretary of State, up against Donald Trump, the New York real estate developer who ought to have to acknowledge all his buildings as free advertising for his campaign – what with his habit of putting his name on all of them.

WE’RE GETTING THE Clinton vs. Trump match-up, along with whatever third-party candidates come along seeking a place on the ballot, to pick from come the general election in November.

Some think it possible that a third-party candidate may be able to gain some support, what with the high disapproval ratings that both Clinton and Trump have among the electorate. But for now, it seems like a fairly straight-forward choice for the bulk of people.

Either Bill Clinton’s wife and all the tacky memories of that presidency, or the garishness of the Trump persona who has been so eager to appease the conservative ideologues that he’s geared his campaign rhetoric toward.

This truly is the election cycle of people making their decision based on who do they hate the most. Except it’s really not clear which one that person truly is. Both candidates seriously believe they’re the shoo-in winner at this point because no one can possibly despise them more than the other person.

THAT’S WHAT WE’LL find out come November. Is it really possible that people hate Hillary so much they’d vote for a buffoon like Trump? Are they really so offended by the tales of Bill’s philandering that they’d overlook Trump’s brazen hopping from babe to babe throughout his life?

People are going to have to walk into that voting booth and decide for themselves – Anybody But Trump, or Anybody But Hillary?

All of this crystallized on Tuesday when Trump did so overwhelmingly well in the Indiana elections that his delegate total became so high it’s impossible for his challengers to catch him. Even Ted Cruz of Texas gave up. John Kasich of Ohio contemplated holding out as though he had nothing better to do than campaign for another month, but decided on Wednesday to quit.
TRUMP: Searching for a V-P?
Even the Republican establishment leaders who were openly plotting ways to undermine Trump are now referring to him as the presumptive GOP nominee.

AS FOR THE Democrats, Sanders may have achieved a slim victory out among the Hoosiers. Although I can’t help but notice that Clinton won the urban parts of Indiana surrounding Gary and Indianapolis, along with a slew of counties at the southern edge of the state.

Which means that Clinton is preferred largely by the parts of Gary that are more urban. All that sea of Sanders people across the bulk of the state is from sparsely populated areas that, come November, will vote Republican.

In fact, it really seems the most urban areas (which are the strength of the Democratic Party) are the places that have put Hillary Clinton in the lead. I’m sure Bernie will keep at his campaigning and Clinton trash talking for as long as the primary season goes on.

But he too winds up seeming like a guy who can’t find something better to do.

WHICH MAKES ME wonder of Election 2016 will wind up being remembered not just for people having to pick between Clinton and Trump (will clothespin sales skyrocket because people will want their noses pinched shut while having to make such a choice)?
SANDERS: Not a quitter

Could it also be for which loser winds up lingering around the longest and inflicting the most damage to their public personas?

I’m inclined to say it will be Kasich for even thinking of fighting to the end.

Largely because I happen to believe that Sanders is such a malcontent (I don’t mean that as an insult, I’m a malcontent too) that he won’t really care how little people wind up thinking of him.


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