Tuesday, February 24, 2015

EXTRA: Which Jesus was bigger news

“Jesus” was definitely a name in the news on Tuesday, but I suspect most people were more interested in Davila than Garcia.

Garcia, of course, is the mayoral hopeful whom it seems has finished in second place in the municipal election. Because it appears Mayor Rahm Emanuel finished a few percentage points short of a majority, the two are now running against each other come April 7.

YET THE “JESUS” who was all over the television news throughout the day Tuesday was Jesus Davila.

The suburban Naperville resident was the big winner of a record-high prize ($265 million) in the Mega Millions Lottery game, and he chose to come forward and claim his prize on Tuesday.

Because he’s choosing to take his prize in one lump sum rather than distributed over the next couple of decades, he’s getting a smaller amount. Taxes also will be deducted.

But the 70-year-old man is still in line for a $127 million payout. Which I’m sure intrigues the general public more than the 34 percent of the vote that Garcia seems to have taken toward his mayoral aspirations.


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