Wednesday, June 4, 2014

EXTRA: Don Zimmer, R.I.P.

Popeye, or the Gerbil?

The man who led the Cubs to a National League division title in 1989? Or one of the most hated men in Boston baseball (along with one-time White Sox shortstop Bucky Dent) for blowing an American League division title in 1978?

THE MAN WHO provoked a brawl with (and got knocked on his butt by) Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez?
A long-ago Zimmer

Or the guy who was admired by so many baseball people because his career dating back to 1949 meant he never had to work a day in his life outside of the professional game.

That life came to an end Wednesday. He was 83, and was a senior adviser for the Tampa Bay Rays.

He also was the last guy who played for the Dodgers in Brooklyn to still be connected to pro baseball. And he had a couple of stints with the Chicago Cubs – both as a player in 1960-61 and as a manager from 1988-91.


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