Wednesday, December 4, 2013

EXTRA: What took so long for Obama “Impeachment” talk to spew forth?

The Washington Post reported that Tuesday was the date upon which Republican partisans first used the “impeachment” word with regards to Barack Obama.
OBAMA: He's not going anywhere

The ideologues who twice failed to defeat him can never beat him at the polling place. They have failed to defeat the measure (health care reform) that will wind up being the presidential legacy.

ABOUT THE ONLY option they have left to send Obama to defeat is to push for his removal from office for assorted “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Not that any of these charges will have any credibility – except to the crowd that is still determined to believe Obama wasn’t born in the United States.

Personally, I saw it coming the moment he made his victory statement back in November 2012. That was probably the thought running through the ideologues’ minds at that moment while Obama was talking about uniting the nation.

I don’t doubt that the House of Representatives, if it could get its majority Republican caucus united, could impeach Obama.

Let’s not forget, however, that “impeach” is the political equivalent of “indict.” It’s not a conviction. And there’s no way the Senate would go along with such a scheme and actually vote to remove Obama from office. He’ll become the same as Bill Clinton – which makes me wonder if the ideologues intend to impeach every single Democrat who dares to have the temerity to think he can be president of the United States.

SO WHAT SHOULD we think about impeachment?

We’ll get to see if the political people who were willing to shut down the government earlier this year for partisan reasons can top themselves on the scale of political stupidity!


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