Wednesday, June 19, 2013

EXTRA: Don’t let vehicle stickers accumulate; you can get a ticket for having too many on your car

I don’t know if this is the most trivial, or the most practical, thing I have ever seen on the Internet.
Soon to be history, unless you didn't buy it ever

The Expired Meter, a website devoted to people who persist in driving automobiles around Chicago, gave us a video recently about how to remove those vehicle stickers from your car’s windshield.

AND THEY HAD none other than City Clerk Susana Mendoza give us a personal demonstration – Windex and razor blade in hand – as she got one of those stickers off fairly cleanly.

Because depending on where you live (in Chicago, it’s July 15), the deadline for making that purchase (I made mine about a month ago) to your municipality so they can have money in their road repair funds is likely coming up. June 30 seems to be a popular deadline for many local governments.

Unless you happen to live in a place that doesn’t think to charge such a fee and require you to mar your windshield.

I once lived in such a place (Springfield, Ill.) for a few years, and I still remember the blank look I got from their city clerk’s staff when I actually inquired about when their deadline was.

YOU’D HAVE THOUGHT I suggested Communist propaganda by wondering when I’d have to buy a sticker.

Of course, there are other places where the local police scour their municipalities for cars without stickers so intensely that they wind up ticketing car owners from places that don’t require their residents to make such a purchase. Which means those motorists have to go to court to prove they did nothing wrong!

Springfield also makes up for it by charging a city tax (1 percent, on top of all the other taxes and fees) on all its residents when they purchase automobiles – even if they buy them outside of the capital city.

I did just that when I lived down there, then found myself being sued by the city a couple of months later. Fortunately for me, they were eager to drop the lawsuit once I paid up!


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