Tuesday, April 9, 2013

EXTRA: Why special lxn was a dud

Why was it such a done-deal and so incredibly boring and uneventful that Robin Kelly would get elected to Congress to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr.?

KELLY: Now Rep.-elect
It’s all a matter of numbers.

THE COOK COUNTY clerk’s office reported Tuesday night that with only about five precincts left (and 47,715 votes cast), Kelly of south suburban Matteson had 79 percent of the vote.

And in the Far South Side neighborhoods of Chicago that are in the Illinois Second Congressional District, Kelly took 92 percent of the 13,190 votes that were cast, according to the Chicago Board of Election commissioners.

That was an anticipated outcome. Which means that all of Republican challenger Paul McKinley’s rants and rages about the “corrupt Chicago machine” were nothing more than comic relief – before he withers away into the ranks of no-name candidates that the GOP put up to filling a ballot spot for Chicago-area elections.

The Will and Kankakee county portions of that congressional district just had so few people that they couldn’t overcome the urban lead.

SO THE FACT that McKinley “won” Will County? Irrelevant! Forty-three percent of only 8,315 votes isn’t much, particularly when Kelly herself got all of 42 percent for herself from the land around Crete, Monee and Peotone.

And now, Kelly can go to Capitol Hill – where she will become the most worthless form of political person in existence. A freshman congressman in the minority party.

All that rhetoric she spouted about pushing for strict gun control measures (and emphasized Tuesday by having the family of deceased teenage girl Hadiya Pendleton with her at her Election Night celebration)?

It will fall on the deaf ears of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and his political allies in Congress.


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