Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama financial pitch reeks of loser-talk

President Barack Obama’s campaign people are starting to get on my nerves, if you must know the truth.
OBAMA: He'll have to work harder

Specifically, I’m referring to the e-mails the campaign has sent out in recent days (including a pair on Monday) that are meant to make us use the Internet to make small financial contributions that can compile into large amounts of money to bolster the Obama chances of defeating likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney come the Nov. 6 elections.

FOR CAMP OBAMA is letting us know how Romney and the Republicans are raising more money than they are.

They’re letting us know that if the trend continues, it is going to put them at such a disadvantage that they could lose. As though it’s “our” fault we didn’t cough up enough cash to back Barack, instead of theirs for not realizing that business interests with cash and the desire to find ways of funneling it to a GOPer will do so as much as possible.

What bothers me about this is the fact that it seems as though some people within Campaign Obama – the re-election – are more interested in finding excuses for a future failure; rather than trying to stave off a problem and succeed.

If that is the attitude being touted by Obama’s people these days, then perhaps those NATO Summit protesters who allegedly wanted to attack the Obama campaign headquarters in downtown Chicago (among other places) and now face criminal indictment on conspiracy and terrorism charges would have been doing us a favor.

GET RID OF the old people, and find some tough fighter types. Some real scrappers who will go all-out to engage Romney and his backers in political combat.

That is how elections are won!

For the record, Obama’s campaign people  admits to raising just over $71 million during June – the best single month ever for the campaign’s fundraising efforts.

Yet Camp Romney raised just over $106 million during the same time period. And the trend is likely to continue.

FOR THIS IS the election cycle about “Who do you hate the most?” All those people who haven’t gotten over the fact that Obama won in 2008 and have been anxiously awaiting this year’s election cycle are pulling out their checkbooks (they call it engaging in protected speech, although we all realize what nonsense that concept is).

And quite frankly, there is a degree to which the normal order of things is going to be that the Republican Party candidates interested in pandering to business interests even when they put the public at risk are going to be the ones who will have the financial advantage in any campaign cycle.

If it means that we have Democratic operatives who took the last presidential election’s financial advantage over John McCain for granted and are presuming they can’t win otherwise, then I worry.

I also become irritable (moreso than my usual gruff, borderline obnoxious personality).

BECAUSE I’M NOT interested in having to endure a campaign cycle in which one side is, on a certain level, already giving up and looking for excuses for why they didn’t succeed.

I don’t want to hear it. Or read it, as in this case.

Because I do agree with the Obama for America operative who wrote to me (and to millions of others who have given their e-mail addresses to the campaign in recent years) that, “none of us wants to see this country go back to the policies that drove our country into a ditch, which is exactly what the other side wants to do.”

Besides, hearing Democrats claim we’re losing because we’re being outspent reeks to me of the same line of logic that Republicans have tried in the past when their less-erudite candidates (as in George Bush, the younger, or Sarah Palin) managed to make it through a debate without totally stumbling over – and it got portrayed as a victory of major significance because it showed that the candidate, “isn’t completely stupid!”

ACTUALLY, YES THEY were. That spin was a lie.

And this complaint about the lack of cash strikes me as being just as ridiculous!


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