Tuesday, June 12, 2012

EXTRA: Walsh, the rep, in search of a rocker (and I don’t mean a chair)?

How long will it be until Joe Walsh, the member of Congress from Illinois, comes up with a rock star (a musical type, and not some political geek receiving a lot of publicity) to tout his bid for re-election?

It just seems to me that Walsh is going to feel the need to steal back some attention that his opponent, Democrat Tammy Duckworth, got when Joe Walsh – who used to play guitar for The Eagles – endorsed her instead of his namesake.

PERSONALLY, I’M WILLING to bet on Ted Nugent coming, yet again, to Illinois, to offer up his support for Walsh – the resident of far northwest suburban McHenry.

Nugent, who hasn’t been a serious musician with any hits in nearly four decades, seems like he will say or do anything these days to get attention for himself.

And I’m sure that Nugent and Walsh (the politico) would find some ideological similarities, particularly if the congressman is willing to make some sort of firearms-related stance to appeal to the would-be hunter and sportsman who earlier this year actually had the Secret Service investigating to see if his hostile Barack Obama comments crossed over the line into a presidential threat!

But back to Walsh (the musical type), who it seems actually lived in suburban Evanston for a time as a child.

HIS BACKING FOR Duckworth seems more like a pot-shot at Walsh (the politico) than any real support.

But then again, musician Walsh is giving Duckworth potentially the greatest gift one can give a fledgling campaign – money.

As in he will perform a special concert July 1 at John Barleycorn in suburban Schaumburg. People who want to buy tickets will have to go through the Duckworth campaign.


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