Thursday, June 28, 2012

Everybody eager to trash, but nobody serious about healthcare reform

I wish I could call the Libertarian-influenced Heartland Institute a batch of bloodsuckers for the way they’re offering up “experts” who are all eager to trash the health care reform initiative that President Barack Obama wants to be his significant contribution to society.

But if I did that, I’d probably have to come up with an ever harsher label for the Americans for Prosperity group, who also on Wednesday sent me an e-mail message informing me of who I can contact Thursday morning – which is when the Supreme Court of the United States will issue their ruling on the legal actions that have cropped up against health care reform.

AND JUST THINK of the nasty label I’d have to apply to the Obama re-election effort, which has various people sending out e-mails to try to spew their party line on many issues – including this one.

Consider an e-mail that I (and most likely millions of other people) received from Patrick J. Kennedy (son of the late Sen. Ted, which makes JFK his uncle) telling me that if those dastardly villains on the Supreme Court do manage to overturn health care reform, Obama allies have to be ready to fight back immediately.

“If the Court strikes down the law, Democrats will need to redouble our efforts, fighting to ensure universal health care that’s affordable and accessible to every American is a reality,” he wrote.

Of course, Kennedy also went on to say that even if health care reform wins, it could still be a loss because of all the irate rhetoric we will hear from the ideologues who will be disappointed and who will redouble their efforts to defeat Obama come Nov. 6.

THOSE ARE JUST a few of the groups or interests who have been cluttering my e-mail boxes in recent days, all trying to influence the way I perceive the high court’s anticipated ruling. I’m too lazy to look up every single group.

Needless to say, everybody already knows what they’re going to say – even though the high court has yet to issue their ruling.

Everybody has an opinion, they’re not likely to alter it, and they seem determined to try to do a job on our mindsets.

Just for the record, I did not give a $3 “or more” contribution to the Health Care Rapid Response Fund – which was the bottom line of that Kennedy message that warned me about how people like myself would be “demonized” for realizing the real need for health care reform.

I’D LIKE TO say it is because of a high-minded moral attitude against imposing myself in the middle of issues, although I should be honest – a part of me is just too cheap.

Toward all sides of a cause!

Kennedy warns of the “rampage” that “extremists” will go on. But a part of me wonders if he’s trying to trigger the anti-rampage. Which means we’re all going to have to endure many more weeks of rhetoric until Election Day.

And most likely more months of cheap trash political talk after that. Some people are just determined to be angry about this issue.

PERHAPS IT IS in that mindset that explains somebody like Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock from Indiana. He had an opinion critical of Obama, and made it public with a video clip he put on YouTube for all to see.

Only he presumed that the high court’s ruling was coming last week. He praised health care reform’s demise before anything really happened.

Will he be among the people eagerly awaiting the Thursday morning high court ruling (about 9 a.m., our time) to see if he got it “right?”


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