Monday, April 9, 2012

EXTRA: Miami boycotting Ozzie? He’s only as smart as his won/loss record

For all the cheap, trashy rhetoric that came from the mouth of Ozzie Guillen when he was manager of the Chicago White Sox, I can’t recall a single moment when anyone seriously contemplated boycotting the White Sox on account of him.

But now he’s in Miami and we’re dealing with the Cuban exile community, which is one of the most humorless batches of people who take themselves excessively serious. They're definitely not a group that wants to hear that someone “loves” Fidel Castro.

SO I SUPPOSE we shouldn’t be the least bit surprised that Vigila Mambisa is talking about a boycott of the Miami Marlins until they get around to hiring a new manager.

Fire Ozzie!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we're not even a week into the season. Then again, White Sox fans were always going to be the most forgiving group toward Guillen because we have known him for so long! That peachy-faced rookie depicted in his baseball card above seems like he was here just yesterday.

Venezuelan native (and U.S. citizen since '06) Guillen may well have put a permanent wedge between himself and the group that Marlins officials were hoping would be the heart of their fan base (considering that their new ballpark is located in the Little Havana community). No one in Miami  is going to be thinking in terms of "retiring" Guillen's jersey number the way some White Sox fans believe that "13" should be put up on the outfield wall in tribute.

As for the rest of us baseball fans? We’ll probably wait to see if the team breaks out of the rut (a 1-3 won/loss record) with which it has started the 2012 season. If they do, he’ll be forgiven. If they don’t, the call for a boycott will take on a multi-ethnic, multi-racial characterization.


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