Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hands behind your head, step away from the computer. Now, celebrate the holiday

.That’s what I want to say to anyone who seriously is sitting at their computer screen (or any other device) to read this copy on Saturday. I'm taking this holiday off from any commentary about Chicago. Come back on Monday.

While I realize that some people are not celebrating Christmas (and I do respect them for being able to stand by that belief in the over-commercialized mess our society is these days), I can’t help but think this is the one day of the year when people ought to log off whatever device their lives have become too attached to.

SPEND THE DAY with family or friends. Interact with humanity. You will have a much more worthwhile experience with those people than you will have on the Internet, no matter what you happen to stumble across.

But for those of you who are absolutely desperate to check something out, the Museum of Broadcast Communications has a site worth looking at. They have a lot of television clips on their site, including all those traditional Chicago holiday cartoons (Hardrock, Coco & Joe, Frosty the Snowman and Suzy Snowflake) that WGN-TV used to give us every December season, along with certain Christmas-themed episodes of old television shows.

I could have done without seeing the Sony & Cher Comedy Hour Christmas episode (youthful Chastity sings “Jingle Bells”), but Jack Benny, Carol Burnett and Jerry Seinfeld (yes, that ridiculous “Festivus” episode) are all worth seeing.

And for those who want a little pop touch to the holidays, there’s always this classic Christmas tune.


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