Thursday, March 14, 2019

Pelosi correct – Trump impeachment proceedings would be a waste of time

I have always thought that Donald Trump was completely unfit to hold political office – and there hasn’t been a thing that has happened during the past two-plus years to make me think I was wrong.
PELOSI: Trump not worth her time

His continued hold on the presidency is a true embarrassment to our society – particularly those people who seem determined to support him no matter what he says or does.

YET THE FACT remains that Trump does have that hold on roughly one-third of the public – and they would react very badly if any effort was undertaken to remove him prior to the 2020 election cycle.

For that matter, they’re the ones who would probably support a Trumpian coup d’etat if his reaction to a 2020 electoral defeat was to decide to simply refuse to leave the White House and claim the presidency as being his post for the remainder of his life.

The fact being that Hillary Clinton back in 2016 was merely telling the truth when she made her now-infamous “basket of deplorables” comment about Trump supporters. No matter how much some want to say it was a Clinton mis-step that cost her any chance at the presidency, the reality is that rationality and reason don’t rule these days.

That is why I think those individuals who went through the 2018 election cycle thinking that voting for a Democrat in Congress was done with the purpose of setting the stage for Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal from office were seriously delusional.
TRUMP: Probably offended Pelosi thinks that

IF ANYTHING, EVEN more delusional than those people who will persist in claiming that that Trump has a clue about what he’s doing while in political office.

So here’s thinking that it’s a good thing that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is coming out and publicly saying she has no intention of letting those people in her congressional caucus move forward with impeachment talk.

As Pelosi puts it, Trump, “is just not worth it.”

Not worth the procedural hassles you’d have to undertake to hold impeachment hearings by the House of Representatives – or the inevitable trial to be presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, with the Senate sitting as jurors.

HILLARY: Wasn't lying about 'deplorables'
THE REALITY IS that the Democratic-leaning House would be inclined to approve articles of impeachment claiming Trump’s incompetence while in office. But then, the Senate with its Republican-leaning majority would ultimately vote to acquit him.

Which, by the way, was the same outcome of some two decades ago when Congress tried to force the removal of Bill Clinton from the White House.

Republican ideologues will forever say that Clinton as president was impeached. That’s true!

But the Senate sure didn’t remove him from office. Clinton finished out his second term as president. The general reaction from the public back then was that the whole process devolved into petty partisan political bickering. Republican ideologues shamefully used the impeachment process to try to achieve an outcome they never were able to reach on an Election Day.

THE SAME THING would wind up happening again if anyone seriously tried to push for Trump’s removal from office. Trying to get a Supreme Court justice to essentially sign off on a coup d’ etat, rather than defeating him at the polling place!
CLINTON: Impeached, but acquitted

Those of us eager to see Trump go down to defeat need to put our efforts into beating “the Donald” on Election Day. Both Trump himself, or on the off chance that he doesn’t run for re-election but touts someone else in his image, his replacement.

While I’m sure ideologue political operatives are counting on the ongoing confusion amongst Democrats and inability to reach a consensus on who would challenge him as their strongest hand in terms of retaining control of the White House.

Focusing on the electoral process IS the way to go about removing Trump. So that if he really does live down to our worst expectations and refuse to leaves office on Jan. 20, 2021, we can send the Secret Service into the White House and have the man arrested, at the very least, for criminal trespass.


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