Friday, May 25, 2018

Trump may have lost Nobel, but he “crushed” those pansy football players

President Donald Trump achieved his political “victory” this week by putting a stop to those professional football players who have expressed interest in protesting during the playing of the National Anthem prior to games.

TRUMP: A political 'win," but not the Nobel
Trump is being credited with getting the National Football League to implement a new policy by which players MUST stand at attention during the anthem’s playing. They must show the proper respect – as dictated by the conservative ideologues amongst us.

THOSE PLAYERS WHO have objections must keep them to themselves and do any protests in private in the locker rooms. When on the field and in view of fans, they must go along. Which led Trump to say he thinks those players ought to just get out of the country.

I’m almost surprised he didn’t say they should go somewhere else and play soccer. That kind of stupid talk would have appeased the ideologues amongst us who will forevermore think Donald J. Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Yes, I think Trump is making way too much of this issue. Then again, it was a non-issue until the president himself stepped it up a notch with his nonsense talk.

But I do get exactly why Trump is so eager to make the NFL a top priority in the public mindset.

BECAUSE THIS IS also the week that it appears Trump lost his Nobel Prize. That is, the one his fans were trying to pressure the establishment to give him for supposedly “ending” the Korean War.

When North Korean officials made it clear they were through talking with South Korea (the segment allied with the United States) and said they weren’t sure they wanted to bother with U.S. officials during a summit session scheduled for June 12 in Singapore, Trump’s reaction was all too predictable.

KIM: Will there ultimately be a summit?
A letter from the White House to the North’s leader, Kim Jong Un, made it clear the offer to meet was rescinded.

Trump will no longer make the trip to Singapore, a city that I’m sure he enjoyed visiting (all the girls) in his younger years. It almost made me wonder if Trump’s idea of peace talks would involve getting Kim caught up with a couple of bimbos to show him a “very good time!”

TRUMP’S LETTER INCLUDED some rhetoric alluding to the possibility of rescheduling a meeting between the two. “I felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me and ultimately, it is only that dialogue that matters,” Trump wrote.

But considering that Trump’s idea of a dialogue is usually something along the line of he speaks, and everybody around him shuts up, listens and does what they’re told, I’m not sure what would seriously have come from any such summit.

There’s also the fact that Kim may be the one world leader as erratic and unstable as Trump himself. Who’s to say who would have said, or done, something more stupid to cause problems to escalate between the two nations.

For I don’t doubt that Kim is looking for some outcome that will provide factual basis for North Korea to be able to claim it “won” the Korean War – whose actual shooting ended back in 1953.

THERE ALSO HAVE been the New York Times accounts of how factually unaware Trump is of Korea or the situation, and how lacking in interest he is in filling the gaps in his own comprehension of the issue.

Trump has to settle for gridiron victory
As though Trump thinks this is like his real estate days when he tries to sway the thoughts of some Arab sheik in whose country he wants to build a hotel/casino. Where the big issue is how much of a payoff does he have to make to build his project there.

For the time being, none of this will happen. The talk of Trump being a Nobel Peace Prize winner will have to be put aside – except by Trump himself, whom I’m sure has already awarded the prize to himself in his own mind.

Just as I’m sure he also thinks he’s the one who exposed professional football players for the pansies he thinks they are. Truly the evidence of a delusional mind at work.


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