Monday, November 6, 2017

Impeachment just more blowhard chat

Excuse me for not getting all excited at the concept of our very own Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., saying he’s going to lead an effort seeking the impeachment and removal from office of President Donald J. Trump.

GUTIERREZ: Wants Trump Out! of office
Gutierrez isn’t the first member of Congress to engage in chat threatening the political livelihood of Trump – whom my own guess has gotten used to people talking trash about him, and usually responds by engaging in his own trash talk about them.

IN SHORT, IT has been a lively year since the date a year ago Wednesday that 46 percent of the people who bothered to cast ballots decided they wanted nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and enjoyed the possibility of a “President Trump” – in large part because of the way they see it offends the sensibilities of a majority of our society.

So I have no doubt that the Trump backers will be more than willing to talk trash about el Gallito himself – and may even offer up their own countermeasure to threaten to remove Gutierrez from his post representing the Latino-oriented neighborhoods of Chicago in Congress.

In short, Gutierrez says he’ll have articles of impeachment by the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday, specifying why Trump should be removed from office.

But I don’t think he, or anyone else in Congress of a partisan leaning inclined to want to impeach Trump will be able to come up with a reason that the political partisans who would actually decide on impeachment and conviction would accept as legitimate.

MY POINT BEING that Gutierrez and others in Congress can threaten all they want. But the fact remains we have a Republican leaning Congress that still sees Trump as being the guy who gave them the authority to ignore the concerns of people who aren’t like them.

Admittedly, Trump’s presidency has shown him to be politically unstable enough that he’ll turn on them. But it is going to take some act that Republicans perceive as political treachery before they think of his removal from office.

In short, it probably would take some action against Republican interests that the majority of our society would actually approve of!

TRUMP: Likely crafting a smug retort already
So when Gutierrez brings up the impeachment talk, it’s mostly about gaining attention for himself and his own partisan causes. Which isn’t unusual. All government officials have some sort of agenda whenever they speak publicly.

WHEN GUTIERREZ CALLS Trump a “bigot” and “bully” for his conduct on immigration-related issues, keep in mind there are those people for whom that’s the exact reason they’ll stand behind Trump until the very end.

The Trump election of a year ago has been all about that segment of our society wanting to resist the changes for the better that have come in so many areas. A part of me has always compared it to being the equivalent of that old school-yard bully who became irrelevant as everybody grew up wanting to assert himself to regain that sense of control he used to have.

As though he thinks that was the natural order of things to reign terror over the schoolyard populace.

Personally, I see the concept of “impeachment” as a last resort in that I think when the people vote stupidly (as can easily be argued the 46 percent did back on Nov. 8, 2016 – perhaps it was something in the air caused by the Chicago Cubs winning a World Series?), they ought to have to live with the results.

ENDURE THE SHAME of having everybody else look upon them with wonderment at just how they could sink to that level of vacuous and stupidity.
On Thanksgiving, we'll want to eat -- not ponder politics
And perhaps the majority of us (the 49 percent who wanted Hillary and the other 5 percent who were so appalled by both that they went for a Libertarian or some other third-party presidential candidate) also need to live with a level of shame that we could be so careless in our system that a 46 percent minority was capable of legitimately winning an election.

So for those who are looking to Thanksgiving to see what formal reasons Gutierrez comes up with for wanting to impeach Trump, it won’t matter much.

In all likelihood, we’re stuck with Trump through at least 2020 when the next presidential election cycle occurs. And if we manage to stupidly let him win another term, it will be no one’s fault but our own.


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