Friday, November 17, 2017

Cards Against Humanity has right smart-aleck attitude toward border wall

I must confess that until Thursday, I had never heard of Cards Against Humanity – a game put together by a company that seems to have a smart-alecked approach to viewing life.

Trump's border wall the target of Chgo co.
Which is also why the company likes to engage in attention-seeking gags to promote itself. Their latest gag is one whose spirit I totally approve of, makes me totally pleased to be able to say this company is based out of our very own home city of Chicago.

WHICH IS PROBABLY all the more reason that President Donald J. Trump will denigrate the Second City’s reputation, but may be the ultimate proof that our president is a poo-head when it comes to so many issues.

Specifically, the company is taking a stance against one of the issues that Trump made a priority during his election cycle. Immigration reform, or the refusal to do anything with it.

More specifically, instead of trying to eradicate the bureaucratic entanglements of our current immigration policy, he’s touting construction of that wall along the more-than-1,900 miles of border that separate the United States from Mexico.

Most of which is fairly uncrossable desert. But hey, Trump wants to say he built something that’s going to keep those friggin’ foreigners out of this country. Even though construction of a wall is likely the most inefficient thing one could do to keep people from entering this country at its southwest border

WHICH IS WHERE Cards Against Humanity comes in. The company says it wants to purchase a plot of land right on the U.S./Mexico border – and will refuse to cooperate with plans to use its land to let the border wall be built.

Admittedly, there are ways the government can seize land if it can argue that a project is of sufficient merit that one’s personal property rights should not be allowed to stand in the way!

But that does involve the courts and having to work one’s way through the legal process. The company, which won’t say where exactly out in the deserts of the southwest it is buying a plot of land, does say it will retain attorneys who are used to fighting such cases.
Trump's border wall bears too much resemblance to Berlin Wall of old

They’re prepared to drag this out in the courts so as to make the entire process a miserable ordeal for all involved.

WHO KNOWS? THEORETICALLY, the case could drag on so long that Trump won’t even be president any longer when it finally is resolved. Which means a future president of significantly more common sense (be honest, ANYBODY who gets elected will have more sense than Trump) will wind up trashing the border wall project.

The company, if it follows through with its threats to become a pain in the behind on this issue, will wind up performing a significant public service.

Since there is no such thing as a physical barricade that cannot be circumvented. This wall is literally a waste of money, and could wind up becoming an even more significant embarrassment than the Berlin Wall ever was!

It will be nice to know that such a project thwarting the embarrassment from becoming reality will have its very own Chicago tie.
Trump more a Frankenstein ...

I ALSO HAVE to admit to enjoying the company’s comment justifying their action, saying, “Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans.”

Those of us who remember “The Sopranos” will remember that episode where Shlomo Teittleman, owner of the Fly Away Motel, winds up denouncing Tony Soprano as such when Tony extorts him for a large share of the motel’s control.
... or a Gossamer?

For those who don’t remember, a “golem” is a “Frankenstein-type monster.”

Although that brings up the issue of whether Trump, with the puffy hairdo and orange tint his skin has taken on in recent years, is too ridiculous-looking to be a Frankenstein and is more like a Gossamer – the old Looney Toons character.


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