Saturday, September 23, 2017

EXTRA: Rauner "gettin' his kicks" down Route 66; or at least a part of it

I’m sure it’s meant in part to make our governor, Bruce Rauner, be some sort of regular-guy. Riding his motorcycle along the one-time Route 66 to Springfield, Ill., with stops along the way.

Illinois' governor riding his motorcycle Saturday along the old U.S. Route 66. Photo provided by state of Illinois
Rauner has made his third such trip on Saturday, with his ride supporting Illinois veterans’ organizations and the Honor Flight of Illinois. During his trip, he made stops in Dwight, Lexington and Lincoln, before finally arriving at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield Saturday night.

NOW I SUPPOSE it’s a noble-enough cause to make the ride to draw public attention to military veterans’ groups, along with police officers and firefighters and other public safety workers who are called upon in emergency situations to protect the public in crisis situations.

I just have to nit-pick one detail. Rauner began his motorcycle ride on the old Route 66 in the western suburb of Countryside (which is suburban Cook County).

Yet anybody who knows anything about the old Mother Road knows that the far eastern end of the old 66 was in downtown Chicago on Michigan Avenue at Jackson Street.

That’s what the “down to St. Louie, to Joplin, Mo.” portion of the “Get Your Kicks on Route 66” song refers to.
Route 66 marker remains in shadow of former Sears Tower. Photo by Gregory Tejeda

DOES OUR GOVERNOR really want to exclude Chicago from his trip? Does he think we have no veterans who’d like support?

Or maybe he just thinks Chicagoans would see through his stunt to appear to be a part of the “common man?” Or he just wants to appear amongst people who might actually think seriously about voting for him come November '18.


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