Tuesday, September 5, 2017

DACA ‘repeal’ the kind of thing an un-American ‘police state’ would try to do

Just as President Donald Trump chose to let us know about his pardon for the Arizona sheriff who targets Latinos for harassment just as Hurricane Harvey was beginning its devastation of Texas, Trump chose a moment when it was likely few were paying attention to say he’s going to take a whack at another measure related to our nation’s flawed immigration policies.
TRUMP: Hiding behind Harvey, No. Korea?

This one is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the program that former President Barack Obama tried creating to allow those brought when young by parents who didn’t follow the formalities of obtaining visas to permit them to live in this country openly.

TRUMP WENT THROUGH a campaign for the presidency threatening to overturn this particular measure, which he can do because Congress never did anything to legitimize Obama’s actions. Thereby giving Trump the authority to repeal – if he so desires.

On Sunday, he said that’s what he plans to do – although he made a point of saying there will be a six-month time period before anyone starts trying to enforce this change. Which would mean scouring the nation for all these young people who have been raised in this society, only to now be told they’re “foreign” and need to “Get Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Doing it on Sunday means it occurred when many people were at the heart of preparations for the Labor Day holiday weekend. If they were paying attention to public events and the news cycle, it was likely that the Wrath of Harvey continues to dominate their mindset, along with the reports that North Korea is stepping up its own nuclear missile activity.
OBAMA: His DACA to be no more?

Trump, as I see it, wants to smack about the Latino population, but doesn’t want to be called out on his nonsense. So he picks these inopportune times to make his statements – in hopes he won’t have to deal with backlash.

WHICH IN MY mindset makes Trump little more than a petty tyrant – if not just a twerp or a mental midget. Although perhaps I should apologize to “little people” for implying that the half-wit currently occupying the White House is in any way similar to themselves.

Anyway, Trump is now moving forward with the DACA repeal – which is what had the Democratic Party and immigration activists outrages on Monday. My own email box was loaded with the appeals from various groups and officials wanting to be sure I was aware of what the president had done.
ROMNEY: Reminiscent of 'self deportation?'

They also want my money to help pay for the lobbying efforts they plan to engage in during coming months to try to strike down the president – mostly by getting Congress to do something that would legitimize what Obama tried to do and thwart Trump’s desire to erase anything Obama did.

Why the Republican-led Congress that refused to do anything to back Obama would now suddenly want to do so is a mystery. Which may make the activist efforts a moot point.

ALTHOUGH THE TIME period being offered up by Trump is somewhat curious. Is he going to claim he’s offering up a bit of compassion? Just as he lamely tried claiming his Joe Arpaio pardon being timed to Hurricane Harvey increased the chances people were paying attention?

In this case, is Trump taking on some of that “self deportation” nonsense that former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney tried spewing back in 2012? Does he really think that hundreds of thousands of young people will suddenly return to a nation whose daily lives they’re relatively unfamiliar with?

Of course, when it comes to immigration policy, the nativist element of our society has always had a sense of delusion in their thoughts.

The idea that everybody not like themselves is suddenly going to clear out to leave all that open space across the nation to their own kind is ridiculous. Then again, the idea that it is practical to deport everybody not like themselves as equally absurd.
Will we soon see sights like these signs everywhere?

BUT LOGIC HAS never been a part of the process for those who refuse to consider the serious reform that our immigration policy does need.

When these ideologues complain about federal bureaucracy complicating their daily lives, they’re usually just whining about having to follow the rules. Although the mess that our immigration policy has evolved into is a case where we’d be better off with a thorough policy re-write.

But to the ideologues, any harassment against “foreigners” is justifiable. Harassment against others is acceptable to these people, which strikes me as being about as un-American an ideal as can be espoused.

It’s almost like the nativists and ideologues amongst us fantasize about the United States as a police state. A repulsive comment making me think that “deportation” might make most sense for those xenophobes amongst us who can’t handle living in our 21st Century version of society.


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