Friday, September 15, 2017

Do we have a DACA agreement? Only time will tell if our pols can work

I stumbled across an item Thursday on the Internet saying that President Donald J. Trump DID come to an agreement on the fate of those young people brought into this country without valid visas when they were children.
Will the fight prevail?

Trump, it seems, is willing to let them stay in the United States, provided that THEY do the actual labor of erecting the border wall along the U.S./Mexico boundary that the president has long pledged to his ideological nitwit backers.

OBVIOUSLY, THAT IS parody. But in some ways, it sounds like the kind of absurd line of logic that prevails whenever anything related to federal immigration policy or our nation’s relations with Latin American nations comes up in discussion.

This rhetoric got stepped up in recent days when the leaders of the Democratic caucuses said THEY had reached agreement with Trump to get him to back off of talk that the people who have only been in this country because of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program will not face deportation come next year.

That program is the Barack Obama initiative that was meant to make it possible for these young people who have lived the bulk of their lives in the United States to continue to exist here openly and contribute to our society.

But Trump said about a month ago that he wants to do away with DACA because, of course, it was an Obama initiative. And that makes it very bad, particularly in the minds of the xenophobic twits amongst us who think that immigration policy reform ought to solely be an increase in the number of deportations of non-Anglo individuals.
Have Pelosi and Schumer ...

SO I HAVE no doubt that those people are not grossly offended by the thought that Trump would even contemplate anything other than deportation. Because what they’re hoping for is the six-month time period for Congress to address the issue to pass with nothing happening – thereby making deportations inevitable!

It’s also why I’m not surprised that Trump, himself, is now saying he has NO DEAL with Democrats on this issue. Trying to make it seem that Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., are telling tall tales (if not outright lying) in saying that a deal has been reached.

Yet the Pelosi/Schumer talk has too much detail too it to be mere exaggeration or wishful thinking.
... seriously reached a DACA deal with Trump?

Whereas even the Republican political opposition talk in response has a bearing of truth – in that GOPers are saying that Congress will have to approve any deal before it can take effect.

MEANING THAT IT could easily be rejected by the same majority-Republican Congress that went out of its way to ignore serious immigration reform efforts all throughout the Barack Obama presidency.

Which is why I’m sure the ideologues amongst us probably fantasize about some version of the parody blurb I alluded to – that the young people wishing to remain in the country they call home will be put to work as laborers.

Just as how some of those same ideologues like to claim all these “foreigners” coming to this country are really hurting the U.S. black population – taking away jobs they could be doing.

As though their vision of our society is one where black people are still picking cotton and doing other hard labor for the economic benefit of the remainder of society.

WHICH IS AN outlandish concept for our modern-day society, if not an offensive one. How could anyone seriously have such a thought bopping about in their brains?
TRUMP: What does he really think?

Then again, the debate over immigration manages to bring out the worst in some of us, and the desperate and outlandish sides of many of us.

So as to the question of “Do we have a DACA agreement?,” I can’t even begin to offer an answer that would be anything other than a wild guess.

We can only hope that sense and decency prevail. Although in this Age of Trump, there are those to whom absurdity and offensive behavior is their wildest dream come true.


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