Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Not a record, but still bloody gory. We ought to lower rate to spite Trump

I’m not going to go so far as to say that President-elect Donald J. Trump is a liar because of his latest Tweet from a twit that says 2016 was a “record-setting” year for Chicago’s murder rate.
Would Trump set foot outside his Chi tower?

Largely because the 762 homicides that the Chicago Police Department is acknowledging for the year isn’t even close to the 943 homicides of 1992 or the 931 of 1994.

BUT SOME 762 people who presumably ought to still be living amongst us, but are not, is still a tragedy worthy of our outrage.

Although let’s be honest. Trump could care less about the situation in Chicago. When he throws out his stupid little Tweets or other statements that take pot shots at our fair city, he’s doing so because he knows the reason he didn’t take Illinois in the Electoral College is because Chicago has far too much sense to fall for his bunk!

We’re going to be the target of many a cheap shot in coming years. Perhaps that is the way the cosmos balances everything out, for the way in which Chicago had extra super levels of clout and influence with the federal government during the soon-to-be finished presidency of Barack Obama.

To the degree that we’re going to be the setting of his “farewell” to the nation come next Tuesday at the McCormick Place convention center (the same place where he celebrated his 2012 re-election as president).

I SUSPECT THAT if Illinois had gone for Trump and Chicago weren’t so blatantly hostile to his nonsense, then Trump likely would find someone else to pick on.

Because I don’t think Trump cares the least bit about the individuals who are amongst the deceased. I suspect many of the kinds of people who actually voted for Trump probably have a sarcastic thought going through their head that the world is a better place without those specific individuals.

Who, after all, came largely from the parts of Chicago that were much less white than the average, and in some cases were the parts where Trump got maybe 2 percent or so of the overall vote.
Returning to re-election scene for his farewell to nation
So when Trump hints at a federal action to deal with the crime problem in Chicago, I know full well he’s not telling the truth. He’s not being serious. He could care less about our urban situation.

IF ANYTHING, THIS is a problem we are going to have to settle ourselves. And we certainly have it within ourselves to do so.

Because I can remember the days when I was a reporter-type person covering criminal activity in Chicago (the late 1980s) when it seemed like it averaged out 2 ½ killings per day. Which actually meant that murder wasn’t uncommon, and every now and again we’d get a particularly bloody weekend that pushed up the overall total.

We saw our homicide rate plummet into the 400s, which was close to the old days of the 1920s – when the statement was oft made that there were 365 killings a year in Chicago (one for every single day).

What accounts for the sudden surge in slayings? I’m sure the academic types who spend their lives weeding through numbers to try to analyze them can offer up their own theories.

BUT WE TRULY are better off resolving this ourselves – particularly if it means we can deny Trump the “stupid talk” of sending in troops to the Sout’ Side of Chicago to resolve order.
OBAMA: Soon to give 'farewell' to nation

He spews such images because he wants to create the image for those parts of the country that want to believe the worst. The partisan political nature of all the homicide rate trash talk is a large part of why I can’t take any of it seriously.

Such as every time Trump will claim that Chicago tops New York AND Los Angeles when it comes to crime – which I sense is a statement that partially pains Trump to make.

He’s probably like to claim that all three cities have crime rates on the rise – and that it is because of the lack of Trump that causes the natives to want to hurt each other. Then again, he’ll probably use his own interpretation of “the truth” to make such a statement anyway!


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