Monday, January 30, 2017

EXTRA: Can Trump truly govern? Or good for nothing but barking orders!

It will be interesting to see how President Donald J. Trump handles the naming of his pick to fill a nearly year-old vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States; a move he has said could come on Tuesday.
GARLAND: Never get to see him on high court

Not only will it mean the end of Merrick Garland  (a Chicago-born and suburban Lincolnwood native) as a possibility for the nation’s high court, it will finally put us in a position where we can see if the new president is actually capable of working with government to get things done.

FOR ALL WE’VE seen him do thus far is issue multitudes of executive orders, many of which the Washington Post reports are not really executive orders – but presidential memorandums.

As in Donald J. makes grand pronouncements on various issues, mostly to express attitudes desired by the nativist-leaning ideologues who actually voted for him to be president.

Or also to make statements meant to repudiate whatever had happened during the past eight years. In short, we have seen nothing more than “President You’re Fired!” bellowing like a buffoon. The encouraging part of all this is that nothing has occurred that can’t easily be undone when the day comes that we get a real-live grownup working in the Oval Office.

In fact, it has become the reality of the U.S. presidency that whenever the post changes to someone of an opposition political party, executive orders are issued to undo many of the general principles espoused by the previous administration.

SUCH AS THE “Mexico City Policy” by which Republican administrations have told federal agencies not to do anything that would encourage abortion in foreign nations. Democratic presidents, including Barack Obama, always did away with the policy.

But all this is a matter of making pronouncements, being president at the moments when you speak and people are supposed to just listen. Actually offering their own opinions, or taking actions intended to refute you, hasn’t been a part of Trump’s presidential experience.

Not yet!
TRUMP: Will we ever see him govern?

We’ll see in evaluating his pick for the high court just how much of a legal mind he wants. Or is he looking for someone who will forevermore think of his allegiance to Trump himself. Is Trump capable of making an independent pick, then getting it through the political mechanizations of Congress?

ALTHOUGH FOR THAT matter, it could wind up being a pick that was made by the Republican establishment that spent the bulk of 2016 ensuring that Barack Obama did not actually get to pick three individuals (out of nine total) to the Supreme Court. Because it was bad enough, in their minds, that he got two picks and was able to undermine (with Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan) the vision they have of an all-white, male establishment.

Is Trump merely the errand boy the ideologue establishment of Congress plans to use to ram through their own agenda for our society – allowing Donald J’s ego to be bloated even moreso because it will serve their purposes? And take the blame when their ideals are found to be offensive by the true majority of people in our society! Is Trump so eager to be "president" that he's willing to be besmirched by the conservative ideologues amongst us?

Would Trump be willing to speak out if the GOP agenda doesn’t strictly match his own? Would that become the potential breaking point that could make the next four years even goofier than the current conservative mess we have now? Is political civil war what we're in for, the "right" versus the "alt-right," with rational people sitting on the sidelines and trying not to get caught in the crossfire?
Trump about to leave his imprint on this particular hallowed hall.  Will he soil it? Photograph provided by Supreme Court of the United States

Tylenol; as in we’ll all going to be using massive doses for the national headache our society will develop from observing all the nonsense done in coming months and years in the name of partisan politics.


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