Thursday, November 13, 2014

EXTRA: When do we get the Rahm/Rauner sit down/shouting match?

It seems that Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner had the one-on-one meeting Thursday morning with the Democratic leadership of the General Assembly.

No word on any specific policies being ironed out – or whether Rauner was able to convince the state Legislature to go along with his wishes and do as little as possible during the remaining weeks of the Gov. Pat Quinn administration.

BUT IT IS good to know that Rauner was able to be in a room with Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and his state Senate cohort, John Cullerton, without any solid objects being flung through the air in the direction of somebody’s head.

It certainly was a more significant gathering than the conversation that occurred earlier this week between Rauner and Quinn.

Although the meeting that we probably need to have occur to give us a sense of what direction our government officials are headed in future years is the one between Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The two are alleged to be friendly with each other. But it will be intriguing to see whether their respective egos and desires to be all-powerful will manage to interfere with friendship.

WILL THESE TWO men wind up being able to work together to get things done for the public good?

Will Emanuel get answers to his questions about what exactly Rauner means when he says he only wants a minimum wage hike paired up with certain business reforms that make some people think of “right to work” states and their anti-organized labor policies?

Or are we destined for a repeat of the old Richard M. Daley/Jim Edgar days when the two men often squabbled over which of the two was the more significant public official?

That would be the ultimate kick in the pants to the people who thought a vote for Rauner somehow meant significant change in the way government operates!


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