Tuesday, November 4, 2014

EXTRA: Bulls/Magic beats Quinn/Rauner? So says local TV

For those people who might think that election results were everywhere and were unescapable, the reality was significantly different Tuesday.

WGN-TV was the only local broadcast outlet that pre-empted their usual evening programming to have news reports. Everybody else carried on with their usual prime-time shows, and waited until the late-night newscasts to tell people what was happening.

PERSONALLY, I FOUND CLTV, the Tribune Co.-owned local cable news station that likes to think it is around the clock local news to be most intriguing.

They stood with their pre- and post-game shows, along with a live broadcast of the Chicago Bulls' 98-90 victory over the Orlando Magic.

Somehow, I suspect few people will find objection to that decision.


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