Thursday, March 6, 2014

EXTRA: Three more counties, 96 to go

Three more counties across Illinois let it be known Thursday they would have their clerks start issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, and one more county said they may be at it by week's end.

Macon County (the Decatur area) is the one that may be up and running soon, while Jackson County (the Carbondale area, which means Southern Illinois University's presence), Cass County (a rural place located northwest of Springfield whose most notable feature is the Jim Edgar fish and wildlife park), and St. Clair County (which is half of the Illinois-based suburbs of St. Louis) are the places that are now prepared to issue licenses.

OF COURSE, THAT still leaves some eight dozen counties that are refusing to get along. Some of the reasons I have read in various reports are laughable.

Such as the counties where the clerks say they're too busy to address the issue because of the upcoming March 18 primary elections to the ones who don't see the stupidity in having a situation where Illinois gets a split personality on this issue.

Then, there are the ones who will wait until June 1 before they feel they're forced to do it. I'm curious to see which ones try to find legal reasons to try to hold out even longer than that.

Which Illinois county will become the government equivalent of the Boston Red Sox, who when they signed infielder Pumpsie Green in 1959 became the last ball club to take a black ballplayer on their roster. A stigma that still gets used against the Red Sox, from time to time.


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