Monday, March 26, 2012

Ideologues trying to pit Latinos against black people with Trayvon slaying?

There are those who are trying to downplay the possibility of racial tensions in the Florida shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin by pointing out the fact that the man accused of his shooting (with no criminal charges as of now pending against him) was Latino.

It is true enough (on his mother’s side of the family). But it really seems the only people who bring that up are the ones who want to turn this situation into a brawl between black and Latino – rather than one involving the death of an unarmed teenager.

WHICH PROBABLY SAYS more about the mentality of the kind of people who are critical of Martin than it does about the boy himself.

Those wishing to know more about this angle (and Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s rhetoric on the issue) should read the commentary published at this weblog’s sister site, The South Chicagoan.


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